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Dating scammer Josh Kelly


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Name: Josh Kelly


only the phone


Other Comments:
This man telling about himself that he is buying antiques in Nigeria. Is a big scammer. getting often sick and getting different exidents and always need money, a woman to help him.

He cheated on me and unfortunately I spent a lot of money by sending them through the Western Union. Very unfortunately, cause still have economical problems because of him. By that time I knew nothing about the Nigeria scammers.

The man is saying that he lives in Miami but originally is from Manchester. He is divorced. He says that he is rich but need money JUST NOW because of the problems he is getting through.

Attention! He can send a false check in order to cash money. I know him from the Cupidbay. He is not an owner of a house in Miami, just telling lies, gives wrong adresses, speaking about partners, lawyers, all false.

The phone above is his phone nr in Nigeria. That is all I have. There is no need to say how depressed and stupid I feel. Just want to warn other people. He has an ID on yahoo joshkelly1960, see also the e mail.

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2009-05-23, 13:40:30
i like to thanks the people they send me an mail back. josh stole my heart and i was thinking it was real, but nothing of this is true, i can not forget him, not yet, i was looking for an friend to share my live with him, one question? its posible that he maybe chance when he meet an woman for a serious relationship?? i don,t know, or josh stay always a scammer? why he do this? its for the fun and he like to hurt and chead the woman? i can not understanding,but josh is so romantic online, i like to ask him, but its not an good idee. i know i,m a fool crazy woman ,because i love a scammer, so i think also that i stop the confersation with him before its too late. i shall never have eny relationship with josh kelly, because he prefer to be a scammer. i know my hart is broken, and i most forget him. sorry josh ...

2009-05-23, 16:52:56
anonymous from Sweden  
I am sorry to tell you that he will not change his SCAMMER JOBB for you or for any other victim. It is very naturally that woman wants to believe that they can change the man or he ( The scammer) will change for them. Its very romantic to think so and i perfectly understand you BUT has nothing to do with reality. He will not.

He will not either meet you on June, 6 AND be happy for that cause if he did, he would put you in troubles, big troubles. He could force you to sign pepers for him or a false check and the consequences would be terrible.

he earned a LOT OF MONEY from woman like you because HE IS VERY AND VERY GOOD on cheating on them. I must tell you that the MORE YOU LEARN about the scammers and their behaviour and the more you participate in different forums, the more help you will get and learn from these things. I can promisse you that.

But you need to put some jobb, a great jobb as I see it. Nevertheless, I wish you luck once you decide to finish the story. Nobody can help you more than to give a real advise. By the way the story he is telling you is TOTALLY different from the story he told me about the age of his son and divorce and etc etc. And I am shure that he sometimes says the same and sometimes he has a daughter instead of a son. he also FORGOT what he told me! Its a scammer 'jobb' he is doing and in this jobb you can forget what you said before as well. BUT it is much more complicated than you even can imagine. Try to learn if want to be free. Take time. I am sorry to tell you that it can take years. But I can not see any other way to survive.
2009-05-24, 18:44:40
I too thanks the person he/she for the mail yesterday they sending me. its good to believe you ,when you tell me that josh not coming the 6june to london. i try to forget him, but thats during an couple days, i wish that the love story with him was real, in honestly and hopefull. in my heart i still love him, but he see this for a playtool. oh i was so stupped to believe all the nice things he promise me. its posible that josh can see also here this page an reading??
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Dating scammer Josh Kelly

2009-05-25, 02:25:44
anonymous from Sweden  
you should know that a lot of scammers are watching this site and also other forums, so he is not an exception. Personally I dont care if he see me here or not. But I wouldnt recommend to anybody to show the scammer this site only because reading it , they can find other strategies to scamm people. Unfortunately.
2009-06-03, 10:45:31
anonymous from United States  
Well to all the ladies who have been reading about Josh Kelly I sure hope you will band together and stop him. I like the lady who is was waiting for Josh to come to meet me is a JOKE!!!! and tell me how many of you have sent him money???? because it is very sad to think he can suck so much out of you!!! I am glade that if he reads this I want him to know ' GET A REAL JOB' stop sucking the money out of poor lonely women. To listen to his sweet smooth talking is a joke he is a bad person !!!!!LETS STOP HIM FAST AND LET HIM FEEL THE HURT HE HAS CAUSED US!!!!!!!!! Thank you for listning and talking as it seems to help......STOP JOSH KELLY NOW
2009-06-04, 08:01:32
anonymous from Sweden  
And who are you pls, who wants all the woman BAND TOGETHER AND STOP HIM?

Was 'Josh' going to meet WHOM? Himself? You? Or did I read it wrong, in that case I bring my apology. That is not so important you know he comes, doesnt come, comes again lol as the result is many lies anyway. Even on these sites. To your shure knowledge - 'Josh Kelly' hates woman and they ( the woman) dont need to demonstrate something here.

But the knowledge some woman have helps to keep him nervous as well. Nowdays he need controll as well. He try harder nowdays. Knowledge gives power, you know. Who knows how he sleeps lol. Happy to add that times are changing.

Regards from Sweden !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2009-06-04, 10:30:30
anonymous from United States  
Dear Mr Sweden, You have a lot of nerve talking to me the way you do! Yes I am one of the women he has promised to meet. I had even gotten him a Hotel one time and Josh has gotten Thousands of Dollars from me. I almost lost my house because of him.

I hope that one day Josh Kelly does find it very hard and never gets anymore money. As I said, he needs to get a REAL JOB as a Lier that is not the JOB!!!! the women he has hurt most likely will never re-coupe the lost he has gottne from them..

My question is this: Are you Josh Kelly? and you think what you are doing is ok to hurt people???? because it sounds as if you are him and it's ok ! Just reading what you do write makes me feel as you are him and are blaming everyone else as it is there fault and you are doing nothing wrong.

So with that in mind do you now understand my feeling?
2009-06-04, 12:15:18
anonymous from Sweden  
I pretty much understand EVERYBODIES feeling who is a victim. CAUSE I am a victim by myself! If you read carefully all the messages in this forum you will understand that not only YOU but many many people here had lost the trust. And are suspicious nowdays after what happened to them, incl. myself.

Now, the reason I wrote as i wrote might seem provocative to you but that is because I ve been hurt of this person with name 'Josh kelly' and, in fact we did have few scammers here, who were reading the messages as well. It didnt make it easier for me when I read your previous message, I suggest you read know many scammers like this question in fact...' how much money did you send him' other expressions as well etc

Nevertheless, if my nerves seems ok to you...i must tell you it makes me a little bit happier cause i was and I am still fighting for my life after what happened to me!!

And something more....many times when reading the postings here, I was thinking I will never participate in this discussion again, no matter what people write here or what they think about who I am BUT IF and only IF I can save ONE woman or better few from this scammer, I will write and write again! the only reason that I am forced to be anonyme now is because of the SCAMMERS. I , personally have nothing or no face to hide!

Once again, best regards from a NON-SCAMMER from Sweden!

2009-06-04, 12:21:38
anonymous from Sweden  
Something more I will tell you here. To joke about my lifes tragedy here doesnt nessesary means that I am a scammer or cooperate with a scammer. Pls and pls read my message again. I realy realy know what a victim like me can feel and the different levels of this recovering, so to speak. Its all about time and more knowledge as time goes by.!

Thanks for the attention.
2009-06-04, 16:04:44
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  
Anonymous from the US and from Sweden

Please both of, You try to understand one another.
Neither of, You have given any indication of being a scammer.
If that were true, I would have intervened long before now.
Please try to be considerate toward each others feelings.
Being a victim stirs up a lot of emotions.
Trust of others is compromised because of the damage caused by
the scammer.
It is a very good point to try to work to help stop scammers.
But in no way is it mandatory. Many people are unable to be helpful
toward the fight against scammers for a very long time.
Some find healing in going after scammers in any way they can.
Please try to work together to help each other.
Don't worry if a scammer, Read's anything here.
I never stop monitoring looking for scammers that make attempts
to post things that don't belong.
It is clear to me that all the comment's made here are by people
struggling to deal with emotional harm that was done to them.
I wish, You both the best and hope, You can find common ground
to talk to each other on.
After all it is through Our helping each other that gets each of Us
through these kind of things.
Please also try to understand when a real scammer See's the kind of
postings that, Your making. It makes, Him feel like, He still has power
over, You. They even laugh at such things because they have no compassion.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//
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Dating scammer McKelvin Brown
How to submit a new scammer profile

2009-06-04, 19:43:44
anonymous from United States  
Thank you Sweden for what you said, it made me feel a lot different about you...I am sorry for all that you have been through also. Sometimes it takes this kind of stuff to happen before people really understand at all.

As fot the scammers reading this I could care less if they do so. As I look at it yes, they maybe laughing at us....but they don't have control of me anymore!!!!!!!

I just hope one day Mr.Sweden we will have a chat on a different sight do seem very nice...Than You again
2009-06-05, 01:58:08
anonymous from Sweden  
I am a Mrs Sweden - welcome. And be brave.

Well yes, in my postings I always try to eluminate the scammers power, in case and when they are reading it. And indeed, in real life they dont have a power over me nowdays, its exactly as i said, I DO BELIEVE they must work much harder nowdays. Cause they are controll freaks.

And making such a dirty jobb as they do - create fear whatsoever. Otherwise they wouldnt hide themselves. What is more importat is that authorities paying attention even if it doesnt concern your or my own case. They work different and it gives hope. there are many intelligent people who is working against fraud and scam. After all the scammers intelligency concerning only lonely people in search of love or lotteries, funds etc etc believe me, even if its hurt to believe in it right now BUT scammers are very very stupid sometimes. Thats why some usual people can in fact fight them. Dont take it as an encouragement. Its just a fact that KNOWLEDGE gives POWER. And sometimes a satisfaction to see a scammer as an idiot.

Finely, I want to tell you here that even with what i am writing here I do know that they, the scammers organise themselves, which is NOT to neglect. And even organizing their financial matters. Yes. I learned hard and fighting my own way.

I said enough. Take care.
2009-06-07, 10:39:05
hello again, I realy like to know who is betrayed by j,K, bcause for me he is so nice man he give me a good feeling too, and yes he ask me also the money and a loan, but i don,t haved,so i can not gived also .thats the true. , he sait to me that he meet a client in europ for business, i read that he hate the woman, i don,t understand this, we have a nice conversation and he toled me about his son and his mother. is this all lies? also we meet each other soon thats what josh says to me, is this all lies. and have i a bad dream?? maybe he looked now for a really live and like to share his live with a woman ,its posible?? i don,t know enymore when i read all the bad things about him. i can just not believed.
2009-06-07, 15:16:02
anonymous from United Kingdom  
2009-06-07, 15:31:32
Agent,86 from Salem, United States  

Hello Your statement concerning Josh Kelly is of a person
that is unwilling to acknowledge the truth.
Josh Kelly as reported here is a scammer and there is absolutely
no reason to believe that, Your being told the truth about anything.
It may be hard for, You to accept that but in the end, You will never meet,
Him and eventually after, Your hurt even worse, You will finally realize,
He truly is nothing more than a scammer. Your in Love with a stolen photo.
Every part of what, You said about, Him has been used on other woman.
Scammers are patient at times and will wait to get money from, You.
You should have dropped this scammer the first time, He ever asked for money.
No one can tell, You how to run, Your life.
Its up to, You to see, You have been made a complete fool by someone,
You have never met. You haven't even seen a real photo of who, Your talking to.
The photo's are stolen. The name given to, You is fake.
He has many e mail addresses.
Even if, You end it this scammer knows all about, You and most likely will contact,
You again. Using another set of stolen photo's, fake name, another e mail address.
As long as, You are unable to recognize a scammer for, Yourself there is a very
strong likely hood, You will be scammed again.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
Never tell the scammer anything about this site.
If, You tell, Him about this site, You will help, Him to either keep lying to, You
or at least help, Him learn how to scam others better.
There isn't even a single doubt that the guy, Your talking to is no more than
a scammer. You never mentioned where, He is ?
But that's OK because, He is in West Africa. Most likely Nigeria.
He also could be from Ghana, Senegal, Gold coast, Ivory Coast, All of West Africa.
It doesn't matter which one.
If, Your talking to anyone from there its a scam.
All the Romantic talk is to just fool, You. Scammers don't care if, You live or die.
They enjoy hurting their victims.
You must just end it with this thief and liar.
Do not tell, Him anything about how, You learned the truth.
Your most likely talking to a guy that is Black and sitting in a Internet Cafe
with many other scammers.
I wish, You the best and hope for, Your sake, You can get the Fantasy out of
Your head long enough to see the truth.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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