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Dating scammer Wilson Michael Clinton


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Name: Wilson Michael Clinton



Other Comments:
This scammer is a real piece of garbage. He is very methodical in picking out his victims looking for mainly for middle aged, overweight, disabled single women to run his scams. He trolls dating sites, myspace and yahoo for his magas.

His greeting: How are you?hope you are cool?i'm Michael Wilson Clinton a petrol chemical enigneer.i work for shell petroleum international.I'm new to this and also new to internet.A friend introduced me to this sites after several pressure from my friends to look for someone again after the death of my darling precious wife.
I was so amazed when i come across your profile.Infact its indeed wonderful.You are such a rare gem.You are indeed a pretty woman.You look very young than your age.
I'm so excited to come across your profile.Your beauty motivate me to send you this short note.

Babe i'll love to get to know you better.
Do you have a yahoo addy?if you do you can add me to your yahoo messenger list so that we can chat and know eachother the more,my addy is i guess we can be friend for now.Babe your reply will mean alot to me.Infact i'll be more excited to hear from you soon.

And then follows it with this crap: Thanks so much for the sound very great and interesting.As for me distance is not problem to me cos i belive in true love and honesty and i have always been faithful to my wife till she died five years ago.I'm intrested in someone that will be with me for the rest of life i need someone that is honest,faithful,kind and caring and God fearing and i'm not reading for games cos i've never play games in my life.My first love was my dead wife we started from college and we got married.
But unfortunately i lost her.I'm a very kind and gentle man,down to earth.I'm ready to give my life to the right woman for me.
Babe pls let talk and get to know eachother.i mean let us chat.I've just added you to my yahoo messenger list.can't wait to chat with you soon.
I can't wait to chat with a beautiful damsel like you soon.
While i was thinking of you i wrote you a poem cos that what i love doing at my leisure time.Let me know if you like it.

If I could catch a rainbow
I would do it just for you,
And share with you its beauty
On the days you're feeling blue

If I could build a mountain
You could call your very own,
A place to find serenity,
A place to be alone

If I could take your troubles
I would toss them in the sea,
But all these things I'm finding
Are impossible for me

I cannot build a mountain,
Or catch a rainbow fair,
But let me be what I know best,
A friend who's always there

Michael cares

After he is done hooking them on myspace he starts with the yahoo IMs and emails. Thats where he starts introducing his children James and Christy which are just him playing the part. Christy's email is She whines that she needs books for school and she just loves her new mama so much. Her dad Michael will you counterfeit checks which in turn you will be financially responsible to the bank when they bounce. But it is too late because you already sent the money.

He has many other aliases such as Gilbert, Dave and James - has used this phone +2348052867263

But sometimes these Nigerian pieces of garbage screw up. And when they screw up they do it in a bad way. Our investigative sources have uncovered that our scammer is actually this man:

KAYODE JAMES FABUNMI, dob 1/16/1981 Ekiti State Nigeria N0 238, Ipaja Road, Opeki Bus Stop, Victoria Island, Lagos, +2348037181697

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2012-09-03, 08:49:15
anonymous from United States  
some times y'all piss me off..... Have you forgotten how you white folks came to our land, cheated and slave trade us on our own soil? How can you give us mirror in exchange for our gold? How do you people feel when you keep talking bullshit about blacks, calling us monkeys and throwing banana at us. Let me make something clear to you folks - you are all greedy. I just scammed a man from FL, USA. He wants to buy gold dust for $25,000.00 per kilo whiles he knows that is been sold at $ 52,000.00 per kilo at the world market. Just took his $ 2,500,000.00 for 100 kilos of gold dust. I am very happy as at now because even though it is wrong the upcoming generation will love me for this... schools and hospitals will be built and they will also have some of the best things in life. And i promise to scam any greedy bastard i meet in my life cos y'all deserves it. What goes around comes around. THAT'S PAY BACK BITCHES

Hey, never mind cos there are many more to suffer this brutality.... People who knows about scam always get scammed. Do you know how many times scam have been broadcast and yet still people get scam. We will take every dime you whites have taken from us. 419 is just a game..... if anybody fall 'MUGU' kaeeeei I GO CHOP AM
2012-09-14, 12:52:03
anonymous from United States  
Why the silence, no one got a speech after this??
2012-09-14, 18:49:20
Miss Marple from United States  

Why the silence, no one got a speech after this??

Well your posting is just disgraceful ,what is there to comment on? You are just an FUCKING SCAMMER that wants to brag what you are doing to people like it is an ordinary and legal 9-5 job !!!??? Since my 3 years on this site it has come very clear why you losers are into this rotten scam business,it is not because the slavery that happened 200 years ago !!!,it is only GREED that makes you scumbags doing this to people nothing else!!!

You scam also your own people and destroying your country's reputation !! I have no mercy for you scammers and i will continue to report scammers and work for that people out in the world will get educated how you parasites operates,i have saved many women and men from to send you their hard earned money that only goes to thieves that can not do anything decent in life.So go home and fuck your self instead than come here and brag as the criminal you are!!!

2012-09-14, 19:05:07  
@2012-09-03, 08:49:15
You are a fucking moron !!

2012-09-30, 12:57:15
anonymous from Netherlands  
I am here for the first time, and I saw the mail from someone, about Derrick rapp wilson, and he dont want money, but wands to send something to me, I told him he is een scammer, and I dont trust him, he said, look to daddy rapp, I did that but, I cant find nothing about that name, he told he is in syrie, and he comes from irak, and afghanistan, but he tell people the same about it, I told him is is on a scamsite. and he must looking out, he get trouble about this. so Can someone tell me if he is a scammer with differend names,

I also chat with a bryan morris, also a scammer, and carl stewart also a scammer, and david george, I hope that people knows how we can stop this people, give me a mail. we cant trust anybody from usa. I I havent a photo from derrick rapp wilson, only carl stewart, david george, they all come from BADOO in the Netherlands a datings.

2012-09-30, 20:39:54
Miss Marple from United States  
2012-09-30, 12:57:15
anonymous from Netherlands

The picture you posted here is used by scammers,i am sure the man on the picture is innocent to the scams as the photo is stolen and used by scammers from Ghana,it is useless to inform scammers your opinion that he is an scammer ,he do not care as the only thing he cares about is to scam money from people,scammers are often coming from USA in their profiles ,but also infact anywhere in the world,it is not that you can not trust anyone from US,the thing is that you must learn to spot the scammers ,please read my article how you recognize male scammers after an while when you are online you will recognize the scammers and distinguish them from the real profiles in just by looking at the profile.there are about 280 000 scammers just only from Africa waiting to steel money from people so it is very hard to make stop to that ,we are the only one who can run them out of business by get informed what scams are online and how they operate and finally not sending any money to them.
Thank you for posting !
All kind rgerads //Miss Marple//
Scam reports:

How you recognize male scammers:

2012-10-07, 04:50:11
I dont really know if you guys use ur heads for thinking....did the thinking part of the human body change in the last 100 years?
How do you think we get on the dating sites in the first place,
1. most dating site screen almost all african IPs from their system but we still get on
2. We dont spend a dime getting you guys to send us money, we subscribe to the dating site with credit cards sold to us by your own people and you know how patethic that is, one credit card information cost lass than 3$ no matter the credit limit, so with this we can subscribe to any dating site we want.
3. We send you flowers, chocolates and stuff, when was the last time you got treated that well by a real person.
4. During that short term 'online dating' you felt much loved that you have ever felt in your entire life.
5. If your men were wise, kind and loving, you women will not result to internet dating.
6. and for the men who gets scammed, I pity you, how on earth do you think you will meet a smoking hot chick to actually fall in love with you, and when you foolishly send all your money to them you come crying?
7. Nothing can keep us out of this and thanks for the name John Mague, have been looking for his other pics for a long while but never found it until u dropped the name. So you see, it is you guys who fuel your own destructing.
8. Wise up and go eat a cookie or something, if you are 40+ and still looking better give it up or we will scam the hell out of you.

Call us monkeys??? well imagine being scammed by a monkey.....
Dumb ass white pigs
2012-10-07, 08:24:46
anonymous from United States  
Yes, you have scammed us. There is no doubt - but as more and more of you pigs surface, we are getting stronger and more vocal. Many of us has made it our mission in life to let others know about scamming and how to avoid it. So, what might have been an 'easy job' at one time, will get harder with each passing day until all people, especially women, will have their eyes wide open and there hearts closed to the likes of you. I (we) all hope you rot in some foreign jail with deplorable conditions.
2012-10-07, 09:09:59   (updated: 2012-10-07, 09:18:01)
Miss Marple from United States  
RE:2012-10-07, 04:50:11

We send you flowers, chocolates and stuff, when was the last time you got treated that well by a real person

How low can you sink in the mud?Only a true psychopath with no remorse,no guilty feelings towards anyone thinks like you do..
let me ask you one thing then...when you become, sick and helpless and starts thinking about what you have accomplished in life ,i am very sure you will regret all the bad things you have done to people,is this what you want to learn your children ?? how to manipulate people and steel from people who have done you nothing wrong? I know for an fact that you scammers are so small amount compares to the total population in your countries who do this for your living and the REAL people of Nigeria and Ghana do NOT support your way of living in fact they see you as an disgrace and you ruin their reputation to the entire world by your scams.

I have all the respect for good people no matter race,color ,religion,ethnicity where ever people comes from NO DIFFERENCE !!!
YOU on the other hand deserves to be called MONKEY as you are nothing else than a criminal ,parasite and a common thief who do bad things to people ,is that an CV you are proud of???

2012-10-07, 11:55:06
DOC from United States  
2012-10-07, 04:50:11 anonymous,

Why you hide your country flag? You ashamed?
Guess business is bad for you now since you have time to come here and make postings.
Now be a good little monkey and get back to work for the big monkey.

2012-10-07, 15:07:53   (updated: 2012-10-07, 15:11:57)
? ? ? ?  
Anti scammer

Fucking monkey shit, get lost with your red butt.

2012-10-07, 18:30:44   (updated: 2012-10-07, 18:35:07) from Russian Federation  
Fucking Africans leave the scamming to us!!!!!!
2012-10-19, 05:07:48
anonymous from Canada  
watch very.smooth.and has many.emails

2012-12-22, 19:50:56
anonymous from Canada  
who is this msn who calls himself jack wilson soldier
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Wilson Michael Clinton
Dating scammer Wilson Michael Clinton

2012-12-22, 19:52:39
anonymous from Canada  
who is this msn who calls himself jack wilson soldier
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Wilson Michael Clinton
Dating scammer Wilson Michael Clinton

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Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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