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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2007-03-17, 07:20:05
Jeffrey Osei must be outed like no other!!

2007-03-17, 07:20:59
Thank God for the internet!!! I think this guy is involved with this mess as well???

Keywords: 2 black guys
2007-03-17, 14:07:37   (updated: 2007-03-17, 14:10:42)
Did any of you actually see Jeffrey Osei on camera? or did he just show you his pictures? and here's a tip - google lines from these beautiful emails that he has sent you and I'm sure like me you will find each and every letter in a romance letter website. They aren't even his own words but someone elses'. He hides behind other people's pictures and other people lives and other people words.
2007-03-17, 14:32:57
FYI - When on, do a search by screen-name and search for 22James. There's another guy on their from Friendswood, TX who's profile is very close to the same information as Jeffrey James Osie lists. This guy last logged on March 3rd and is 49 years old.. I do see history repeating itself. Now the picture of this guy on is different (which could be the real person and Jeffrey copid his profile?), but the game still goes on. Please everybody be very, very careful.

Jeffrey says he has to sell some gold bars (an inheritance from his mother) before he can return to the US, and he would have to be stupid to think somebody believes that. Why not sell a few bars and do your thing. He is trying to get money by saying he has to pay a so called 'Security Company' and his mother's lawyer for securing this gold and taking care of things. Jeffrey says he is hard up and has to pay $500 a month to secure the bars then that story changed to $300. I know greed would have moved me to sell one bar and get the hell up out of dodge. If his mother had so much money why did she live here in the US with him??? He has told me that his family was sent here because his dad worked on a contract in the US. Now Jeffrey claims to be a contract Database Administrator. He isn't very computer savvy if you ask me. He couldn't explain what he did in his job. He stumbled around when I told him I did the same work in another job. Jeffrey then said his work was technical do that I wouldn't keep asking about his job. LOL!
2007-03-17, 16:00:42   (updated: 2007-03-17, 16:12:09)
Jeffrey tried the same thing with me and he sent me a letter (which has hopefully attached below). When I got the letter I used a header analysis search to tell me what country the email originated in and it came back that it was sent to me from the Netherlands. (incidently, I found out how to do this on the Yahoo Romance Scammers website mentioned earlier on this blog page)

I contacted an international fraud site (International Consultants & Investigation Inc)and sent them the letter that Jeffrey had sent to me and this was their reply:

'You are caught up in a financial fraud, ..... The document you received is a fraudulent official instrument.

I suggest that you stop communicating with this person, you are being set up for future problems. How much money have you sent him to date? and what information does he have that relates to your personal life? such as address, phone numbers, bank accounts, employment, social security number.

The unfortunate aspect of this is for us to assist you it will cost you additional money, however we will look at the information at no cost, and refer you to the proper authorities.


Earl Johnson

I have attached the letter below...if he sends it to you don't be fooled, please don't give him any infomation - he is a liar and a cheat and is obviously connected to a network of thieves globally.

Keywords: fake paper
2007-03-17, 16:23:52   (updated: 2007-03-17, 16:25:57)
Further to the above I also contacted another site (Wymoo International) to see if they could help me find out more information on him so that we could go to the police and this was their reply:

'Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry to hear about all of this. I’m sure wherever this person his, his appendix is just fine. I’m glad that at least the U.S. Embassy in Accra was able to check the visa status. We’re seeing more and more fraud coming from Ghana. It’s one of the hot spots for fraud. Our background checks are thorough, completely confidential and are billed at $50 USD per hour. We should be able to determine who this person really is, as well as his current location. If we do uncover evidence of fraud, we can assist in notifying appropriate law enforcement, financial loss recovery, and future victim prevention.'

Maybe if we all got together we could come up with the necessary money to get this dirty rotten bugger and put him out of business???

2007-03-17, 17:32:46   (updated: 2007-03-17, 17:49:11)
anonymous from United States  
Oh my God..... Jeffrey is off the chain. He used 414-552-6627 as a number when he sent me a gift. Also when he called me a couple of times, 732-962-9387 was the number that registed on my phone and not the 011-233-242-184-831 number. I looked up the number and found out it was from New Jersey and not working anymore. He claims to be in Ghana, but I have no real idea where he is. He claims to be in Ghana during Ghana's Independence Celebration on March 6.

Jeffrey used Conrad R. Burroughs' Mastercard to charge his membership to Look very closely at this photo and the person's name on the nametag appears to be Kerry Br (something). I hope this is helpful? Also Jeffrey talked to me during the period he was burying his mother (2/22-2/25). Jeffrey claims that his daughter was named after his deceased sister Belinda. Jeffrey said that his sister was killed on a cruise from Brazil. Jeffrey said his daughter lives with her mother in Skokie, Illinois, I never got her name from him.

This punk needs to go down like the snake that he is. It's sad that he is taking money from people, he obviously is eating well because he ain't thin at all. If I were to guess he is around 5' 8' and 210 pounds, just a good guess.

I just did a search on the attached link and found Mr. Burroughs: http://www.zabasear..d%. %20
Yes, he lives in Friendswood, TX and Jeffrey claims to be from there. I would hate to believe this Mr. Burroughs is being taken by Jeffrey. Hell Mr. Burroughs might know Jeffrey and have no idea what he is dealing with as well.

2007-03-17, 18:03:44   (updated: 2007-03-17, 18:28:27)
anonymous from Canada  

Jeffrey is not the man in this picture. I have spoken to Jeffrey Osei on camera and this man is not him. He steals people's pictures and identities. I don't know how many times I have to say this but this is not the real him in the picture. His real picutre is the one I posted up above - the guy in the blue & blue striped shirt. He's a 26 year old man. His sister is dead but she died in a car crash in Ghana. His mother is still alive and doing just fine and her name is Ologo. He is 120 lbs and is always complaining about his stomach and is 5'11.

I also have an address from Illinois for him(4915 Hull St Apt 1-W, Skokie, IL, 60077 - the associates name there is Raz Clement) as he shipped me merchandise from an address there and asked me to send a computer there for him (which I didn't do). Like I said he's connected globally. He also shipped me a present from an address in British Columbia, Canada. He uses stolen credit card numbers. He had 3 accounts that he used for me at Victoria Secret - all with stolen credit card numbers - and he only used my name, never his own. If he has sent you anything from Vicotira Secret (or any other on line company)- check the shipping receipt and see that his name is no where on the receipt - call them and check to see if they are having troubls putting the charges through as you will get a threatening letter from them, just like I did. If you check with the vendors from whom the presents came they will all ask for their merchandise back - no charges against you - they will write off the merchandise as theft. It's better if you approach them and find out now than to get that alarming letter in the mail like I did. No fun I can guarantee it!

Yet another address he gave me in Ghana was for 3325 Mukose Link, Accra GH, 23321
As for the phone numbers - don't be alarmed - some calling cards when you use then come up with US #'s - he is in Ghana and will probably die in Ghana. Here is another true picture of what Jeffrey Osei looks like (I have seen this man on camera and this is him)

Keywords: black man
2007-03-17, 18:42:42   (updated: 2007-03-17, 18:53:30)
anonymous from United States  
Thanks so much for the update. Thank God this guy didn't attempt to pursue me, as he is so totally unattractive. Sad to say that most females saw the guy in the stripped shirt on the internet dating sites. I know you’re upset, but the cam pictures you have are of course different from the still shots most of the rest of us received. As far as the gift, I did check with the company to verify that Jeffrey James was on the Mastercard and it cleared already. I am well aware of the calling card part as I have lived and travel abroad and the US company you purchase the card from will pop up if you forget to block the number. I guess my work here is done, but I will check in from time to time to see the latest and greatest news comes up. As I might have something to add to any investigation that comes to life. Unfortunately, these two guys are in this scam together as their stories are thoroughly meshed together. I know you were speaking to Jeffrey James Osei Owusu, but the unknowing thought they were speaking to him too but actually were talking to Raz Clement. To say his mother is dead will only bring about an early death for her.... What you say about someone close to you does come to light. What a freaking shame!!! I do feel that the lady that was ripped off for over $3,000 should contact the authorities in her area and report what is presented above as this should help direct them to arrest these jerks. I know my Attorney General would love to hang these ignorant asses..
2007-03-17, 18:51:15
anonymous from Canada  
I hope you are no longer talking to this man. If you're calling him on 233-242-184831 we are speaking of the same man. Run, Run, Run
2007-03-17, 18:57:50   (updated: 2007-03-17, 18:58:38)
anonymous from United States  
No dear, I dropped him like a bad habit. He was begging me to not leave him, he threaten to cut off his finger and then he was acting like he was about to pass out on the phone. He is too funny. I hope he is in the US as the federal boys like stuff like this!!! I will pass this on to a friend to look into for me. Yes, that was his number and he cut if off Thursday to hide from me. Have a great day!
2007-03-17, 19:08:11   (updated: 2007-03-17, 19:09:13)
anonymous from Canada  
thank you - I wish there was a way for me to know who you are so I can have your help when I go to the authorities about him as I'm now convinced it is the right thing to do(I'm the one who lost the $3,000 to him), but I'm reluctant to put my id up here and I would not ask you to either. If you go on Yahoo Romance Scammers you can find me there as my story is also on that site and you can email me from there if you'd like to correspond.

I know tonight I will sleep well and tomorrow I will go to church and pray for strength to take the next step. God bless.
2007-03-17, 20:48:59   (updated: 2007-03-17, 21:05:26)
anonymous from United States  
I have emailed you already, please look in your box under the Yahoo Romance Scammer's Group. I would love to give you whatever it is you need. Please make sure to write down the details from the other blogs on this site about Jeffrey. I can say that all of the details a very accurate except for the various pictures of this guy. By the way I think his mother just answered the phone at 011-233287049488. Be blessed!!!
2007-03-18, 17:53:19
[hidden] from United States  
Everyone should contact BCPM and let them know. I have seen several guys with the city of Friendstown, TX. Also, I notice the picture is gone off the ad. I will check out Yahoo Romance Scammer's Group also. We need to take Mr. Osei down he is giving true men of God a bad rep, as well as making up seem desparate.

Keywords: black man and woman
2007-03-19, 05:11:17   (updated: 2007-03-19, 05:11:50)
It sucks that BCPM will not listen to you when you complain about Mr. Osei. If you look at the site the other guy that has a similar login with the same profile has a completely different picture than the two guys above. I gave BCPM the link to this website and told them about the stolen credit card used on BPM. It kills me that the the guy from live cam used the picture of the heavy set guy on BCPM and BlackPeopleMeet (BPM). They have to know each other and are very close as I have pictures of the heavy set guy in his underwear. Let's shut these jokers down!!! I pray they are in the US as this will be a day they never forget!
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