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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2007-07-18, 22:47:51
In response to the lady who was scammed by someone claiming to be born in Waterford, Ireland: Not sure this relates, but I have been involved online with a man who says he was born in Waterford, Ireland to an Irish mother and an American businessman father, 50, very handsome, 6-ft tall, with dark hair, blue eyes, and a goatee. I will share the phone numbers he gave me with you to compare and see if they're the same if this is similar. I really don't know if he is a fraud or not and trying to scam me, but some of what I've been through with him has all the markings of a scam. If anyone out there has had experience with this man, I will post his complete name and both his phone numbers, plus add pictures to this site. When I met him, he was in the process of looking around Atlanta, GA with the possibility of relocating. He supposedly is a widower for 4 years now, and had a son, 19, who was killed in a 'motor' accident a year before his wife died. He says he is an investor. He supposedly went to London on the 18th or 19th of May, 2007, to negotiate the sale of shares he owned in 3 companies...2 in Ireland, and 1 in Belgium. He gave me his phone number for London, although he didn't activate international calling at that time to call me. We had been corresponding about 3 weeks at that time. Then, when I asked him to open up to me about his life, that is when he told me about completion of the sale of the shares, based on the London Stock Exchange prices. The last couple of days of May, he told me he knew he loved me and that I was a 'necessity' in his life. On the 5th of June he told me he had a deal of a lifetime over that weekend, and was offered gold bars at a good price directly from a mining company in West Africa. On the 6th, he told me he was going to Accra, Ghana, supposedly to invest his share profits in gold bars. He has sent me 5 pictures of himself and 3 or 4 of his house, which is supposedly in Miami, FL. He gave me a new number in Ghana, with international calling activated. He calls me almost daily, usually in the morning (around 12:00 p.m. his time), or at night when he is in bed (around 8:30 - 10:00 p.m.), and asks me to call him back. If any of this sounds familiar to anyone out there, I will post his phone numbers to see if anyone else has them. This man has to be the absolute best in his 'craft' if he is scamming me. He sounds absolutely sincere about everything, yet there have been a few requests for money involving the expenses of getting the gold through the Ministry of Ghana, and transportation from the mines, and 'safekeeping' fees. When I questioned him about the expenses associated with the gold purchase, he told me that he had never bought gold before, and he didn't anticipate the amount of the extra expenses. Supposedly, he had to pay around $10,000 for the shipping fees, but didn't have quite enough to cover it. He said the travel agency had signed a business agreement with him to replace outmoded office equipment in return for a 'refundable' ticket via KLM and Continental Airlines, so he could come home. He actually was confirmed for all legs of the flight; I checked. Then, when he was supposed to be flying home to me, supposedly he got detained by Security at the Airport because he had 'an overweight of gold' on him. He said he had the mine make him a small bar and that he was going to suprise me with it at the Atlanta Airport when I picked him up. When he talked with me the next morning, after apparently having his 'driver' call in a lawyer to post bail, he said he wasn't aware of the weight limits, and that all he wanted to do was surprise me. He said he had to go to court 2 times. He was cleared via his business papers as being the legal owner of the gold; however, he said because of the weight of the bar (2.5 kilograms) that it became an imigration issue. They charged him a fine, supposedly, of $1550. He asked me to help him with it. He had 14 days from the 5th of July to pay it or go to jail for a term of 3 to 6 years, which I thought was inconsistent with the fine. He also had said before the court hearing that the travel agency was going to book him out on the first flight they could get him on once he had cleared up his problem and gotten his passport back. On 11 July 07, after observing his depression and frustration, and also listening to him cry, I sent the money for the fine because I couldn't take the chance that if he was legitimate, he may wind up wrongfully in the general population of a prison. The next day, he asked me to marry him, and said that he had been planning on asking me when he got home, but that he couldn't wait and wanted to know then. On the 15th (this Sunday) he called and said he had to go to the hospital because of his hip. He had apparently fallen during June at the mine and jolted it very hard. In all due respect, I had observed that he seemed to be in bed a lot, and for 2 days prior to the 15th, he seemed to be groggy and out of it, saying that he had taken something for pain along with a sleeping pill to keep from feeling the pain. He has not yet asked me for any money to pay for his hospital bill, and he got out Tuesday, 17 July. Today is Wednesday, the 18th, and he said he has been trying to sell the gold, after having the mine on Friday melt it into more than 1 bar. He said he was going to try to use that to purchase a ticket out. Prior to this, I told him if he couldn't sell the resized bars, to just leave the gold there, because it wasn't worth it. I told him NOT to bring the gold home to me because I didn't want it. I felt it had caused us too much pain and turmoil. I questioned why he hadn't gotten the travel agency to book a 'refundable' flight again, as we had discussed Thursday, the 12th. Previously, I had wanted to see a 'Non-Refundable' ticket, just so that Iwould feel more secure that he would not take the fine money and 'run'. Tonight, I told him that we had decided on Thursday to go ahead and take the 'refundable' ticket, because we weren't sure whether he could sell the gold or not. When I questioned whether he had any real intentions of getting out of there, he seemed to get upset. He said maybe he should just forget the gold and leave it there! So as it stands tonight, he is supposed to be trying to get a ticket out of there tomorrow on the first flight available; otherwise, I guess I'll have to say that this man really pulled one on me!! I keep thinking, if he really is scamming me, why didn't he just take the fine money and 'run', instead of continuing to call me back and profess his love to me. I have tested his pictures on Picture Search and haven't found anything on him, plus I ran his email through the software package that detects the origin of his emails. The results came back that it was really from him. If he is real, then perhaps he is just an innocent man in a country full of scammers and God-forsaken people! Incidentally, one lady wrote about her boyfriend sending her poetry. Take a look on http://library.lovi..m/letters/ at the Love Letters and Poems links. I saw an exact duplicate that some scammer wrote to a nice lady in one of the comments posted here. Even my guy had taken some sentences from that site and put in some of his letters and poems to me. It would be nice if all singles dating sites had the software capability to run the email user-id checks on their members. They could block practically all of these 'out of country' scammers. It would also be great if this site or other sites could add software where a user could post a search against phone numbers that have been confirmed as belonging to known scammers. We need to STOP THEM!!
2007-07-19, 17:07:40   (updated: 2007-07-19, 17:10:05)
anonymous from United States  
OK--Ive been reading over this stuff for a couple of days now and Im beginning to wonder if maybe I have come across the same guy. I am on a dating site called American
The other day I got a very sweet email from a GORGEOUS guy--I will post his pic here too if I can. He said his name is James and hes from Copenhagen, Denmark.
He gave me his yahoo screen name which happens to be
I did research on that screen name and happened upon this site. Ladies-if there is ANYONE out there who has spoken to him..PLEASE LET ME KNOW so I can notify the dating site and possibly try to stop this man dead in his tracks.

Below are the first and second emails and his picture and our conversation--I am taking my screen name out of this to protect my privacy.

This is the first message I recieved from him:

07/18/2007 02:22 AM
Subject: Hello Sweets
Message: my queen please stop looking you have found your man on my lips is ever the law of kindness,i treat life as a reality,i know how to embrace the power of conviction,commitment and perseverance to succeed against all odds. i do not waste my energy or time on short relationships,i also look for my soul mate .... i am looking for a woman who would enhance my life not alter it..respect and believe in my ideas not put them down. i am a hardworking relationship minded man with a good sense of humor,i would love to meet you when we get to know each other well.i am a true gentleman ,outgoing and fun as well,can be sexy and freaky. i love your beautiful eyes,you hair,i am more than enough man to say that i can guarantee happiness,i am a man with no berries,looking for love.Until then i will be posted here like a mail Box Hoping to hearing from you soon.

your admirer

And then I sent him one telling him that he seemed almost too good to be true--then here is the second email I recieved today.

07/19/2007 11:57 AM
Subject: RE: RE: Hello Sweets
Message: Hello There ,

Thanks so much for the email it was nice to hearing from you , Well as you can tell i am a hopeless romantic man and am looking for my best friend , i don't have any brothers or sisters, i was born all alone in this cold world you know and that is the main reason why i need some companionship .I know you will be asking yourself why am not married or have someone to take care of my needs , all i can tell you right now is my kindness was taking for granted, heart broken. Therefore, decided to build this wall until I eventually find what I am searching for because when I love and care about someone its unconditional, thats why am still single but i know the time will come for me to find that someone you know ....

About my Family , i was born and raised here in Copenhagen a suburb in Denmark and am still here at the moment i came to the states for a visit in IL in Morton grove to have a visual impression of how the Americans built their homes and such , and right now am back Home for a commercial contract approval am into residential Construction if i forgot to mention that , i just Hope the best comes out of that contract that am waiting for now you know , i presume you are a Christian and will keep me in your prayers .I've lost both my parents, my dad first (died in his sleep) and then my mother (died in the hospital) actually I was not even in Denmark when she died. I was away on vacation, and then I got the call to come back home. To make a long story short, nothing was going right that day when I got the call to come back home, the flights were booked to capacity etc., finally I was able to get on a flight, but then it was delayed, so by the time I did reach home, my mother has passed. My plane landed at 7:40 pm, my mom passed at 7:20 pm. It was really hard on me, but though.

Oh the Personal side I want to get married, dying to have a family.I want to meet someone who has the fear of the lord in them , Until then what ever Happens Happens ......How's that? Everything you want to know? Oh yes, I have no favorite color,and I do cook, very well, in fact. Usually Italian or oriental. My favorite things to do, are hike/bike, sail,...Now, you know everything there is to know about me...except maybe what type underwear I wear, what I wear to bed, sexual proclivities, and what type peanut butter i like Scared you off yet;-? If not, I'd love to get to know you. Send me some pictures, and let's talk!

Thanks so much for making time for me

Here are our conversations:
This is the first conversation--after I recieved the first email
S (7/18/2007 11:41:52 AM): dude are you for real?? i got some email from you this morning--is that for real??
S(7/18/2007 11:43:07 AM): it was on American Singles-Im beginning to think someoen broke into your profile
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:43:34 AM): am here
S (7/18/2007 11:43:40 AM): was that email for real??
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:43:50 AM): what makes you think i didnt send that?
S (7/18/2007 11:44:02 AM): lol nothing
S (7/18/2007 11:44:17 AM): just never heard stuff like that from people before
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:44:32 AM): oh yeah
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:44:44 AM): i see well i wanted to get to know you more and that is how i could do that
S (7/18/2007 11:44:49 AM): ok
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:44:56 AM): thanks so much for going an extra mile to come and talk to me on here
S (7/18/2007 11:45:10 AM): well alot of the people in the chat room were like--ok hes from ghana and gonna ask you for money
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:45:11 AM): so tell me for how long have you been on that website and did you find what you was seeking for yet ?
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:45:24 AM): damn
S(7/18/2007 11:45:40 AM): ive been onthere since june and no i havent--ive given up looking--when you look, u dont find anyone
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:45:57 AM): oh yeah you are right
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:46:46 AM): i see tell me more about you
S(7/18/2007 11:47:33 AM): well, im getting divorced, i have my own place, 3 cats and im currently looking for a job--been out of work since june--and im stressed out
S(7/18/2007 11:48:08 AM): lol what else do u wanna know??
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:49:55 AM): So bad to hear that
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:50:05 AM): tell me some more have you ever been married before ?
S (7/18/2007 11:50:16 AM): yep
S (7/18/2007 11:50:19 AM): im getting a divorce
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:50:29 AM): How many kids do you have ?
S (7/18/2007 11:50:42 AM): none
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:50:53 AM): oh ok.
S (7/18/2007 11:51:07 AM): dont know if i plan to have kids
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:51:24 AM): oh i see
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:51:26 AM): i was just asking
S (7/18/2007 11:51:35 AM): no thats cool--i understand
S (7/18/2007 11:52:39 AM): so whered all that come from?? im just curious--u have to be careful with people
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:52:54 AM): Denmark
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:52:56 AM): Copenhagen
S (7/18/2007 11:53:05 AM): so thats where you are from??
S (7/18/2007 11:53:11 AM): i mean i was talking about the email
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:53:16 AM): Yes .
S (7/18/2007 11:53:26 AM): u look italian
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:53:49 AM): Oh yeah ?
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:53:51 AM): i seee
S(7/18/2007 11:54:09 AM): yea
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:54:19 AM): i see
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:54:26 AM): where are you from originally ?
S (7/18/2007 11:54:29 AM): virginia
S (7/18/2007 11:54:32 AM): born and raised
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:54:36 AM): i see
S (7/18/2007 11:55:05 AM): hey ill brb ok??
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:55:17 AM): ok
S (7/18/2007 11:57:02 AM): ok so what do you do???
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:57:38 AM): Comercial and residencial contractor
S (7/18/2007 11:58:08 AM): and you live in illinois now??
S(7/18/2007 11:58:16 AM): lol shouldnt you be at work young man??
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:58:31 AM): i am right now
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:58:35 AM): ok am geting busy
summer_is_loving (7/18/2007 11:58:40 AM): lets talk later sweetheart
S (7/18/2007 11:58:55 AM): ok
S (7/18/2007 8:55:14 PM): u there??

This is our second conversation--this was today-just a few minutes ago--he logged off and has not come back--Im suspicious.
(the very first thing i said below--is of course, a lie-I was trying to see if I could catch him lying to me.
S (7/19/2007 6:05:07 PM): sorry if i was suspicious yesterday--just a friend of mine had a run in with someone who has the same screen name as you and the email address is for hotmail and he scammed her out of 3,000.00--thats why im kinda skeptical--u understand right??
S (7/19/2007 6:08:24 PM): u there??
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:14:56 PM): your friend ?
S (7/19/2007 6:15:09 PM): yep
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:15:32 PM): Where is she from ?
S (7/19/2007 6:15:44 PM): virginia
S(7/19/2007 6:15:48 PM): same place as me
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:15:49 PM): ok
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:15:50 PM): ok
S(7/19/2007 6:15:55 PM): not saying i dont believe you--just saying
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:15:57 PM): i dont have anything about that
S (7/19/2007 6:16:10 PM): ok
S (7/19/2007 6:16:53 PM): hang on hun--phone
S(7/19/2007 6:18:48 PM): ok im back
S (7/19/2007 6:19:06 PM): anyways, so you are james?? cool--whens your birthday?? mine is this saturday
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:19:26 PM): 6th September
S (7/19/2007 6:19:33 PM): coolness
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:19:39 PM):
S (7/19/2007 6:19:56 PM): so what time is it there now?? its 619 pm here
S(7/19/2007 6:21:25 PM): hello??
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:21:41 PM): 12:21 PM
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:21:46 PM): Am right here
S (7/19/2007 6:21:55 PM): lol sorry
S (7/19/2007 6:22:05 PM): i type fast
S(7/19/2007 6:22:09 PM): and im kind of impatient
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:22:13 PM): ok
S(7/19/2007 6:22:17 PM): so do you have any plans on coming back here??
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:23:54 PM): Yes
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:23:58 PM): am waiting on a contract
summer_is_loving (7/19/2007 6:24:00 PM): brb pleas
S (7/19/2007 6:24:03 PM): ok
S (7/19/2007 6:36:20 PM): u coming back?

And he has not come back--below is a picture of the guy believed to be 'James'
Anyone else come across this guy??

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Helen G

2007-07-19, 19:16:14
Skeet from United States  
Anon US, Where does he claim to be? American Singles is well known as a scammer haven,that's all I 'met' there! Reading the chat it reek's of scammer! So does the letter! Can you post the header from the letter?
2007-07-19, 19:27:57   (updated: 2007-07-19, 19:31:51)
anonymous from United States  
What do you mean the header?? lol. im a bit foggy on that one--just let me know what the header is--plus--after doing more reasearch after I posted what I did above, I recall him telling me when it was 619 my time it was 1221 his time--which would have made it the next day--now--when I checked the time zone difference--it was 1 or 12 am in copenhagen and 2 am in ghana--so something isnt right with this guy--Id like to know who that pic belongs to-because I would like to let him know that he is being framed.

Please repost tonite if you can and I will contact you back.

By the way, he claims that he is in Copenhagen Denmark now and will be coming back to the US to visit as soon as he gets a 'Contract'. I am assuming that since he is supposedly a 'Residential Contractor-that is the kind of contract he is looking for. Im gonna try and see how far I can take it with this guy--he also stated to me that his birthday is Sept. 6, 1970--anyone else had anyone claiming that as their birthdate??
I mean anyone else dealing with the scam??

2007-07-20, 09:28:02
Skeet from United States  
Here's a link to explain how to find the header... http://www.romances..hp?t=1946

If you've never been to that site,take a look around.It's one of the few that deal with male scammer's in the forum.They have sections dealing with both black and white males and have many women member's.You may find him there,I don't know as I don't look in those threads.It's one of the best sites there is and you should join so you can share your info.More women go there than here so,I think it would be worth it.

His 'story' of being a contractor is very common!
2007-07-20, 11:40:28
anonymous from United States  
I went to that site--thanks for the info--the only problem is--it doesnt show anything for American Singles--on how to get the header. The emails were sent on American singles.
I emailed him again last nite--I am going to take this as far as I can to see if I can catch him in a lie-so far, I havent heard anything back from him yet. Any email or IM I get I will post here.

Thanks for your help!!!!
2007-07-20, 13:55:52
Skeet from United States  
OK,You didn't say they where on the site,most scammer's want to get OFF the site because they are either on a 'trial'membership or used a stolen credit card to join and in that case the profile will usually be removed as soon as the site is not paid.You can't get a header from on-site e-mails.I'm surprised he hasn't asked for your 'private'e-mail addy!? {YET}If you IM with him often here's a link to a freeware program that can trace an IP while chatting.I'm not sure how to use it,all I know is he would have to be sending you something to run a trace.So,having him send photo's in a file would probably work.I found out about it after I stopped dealing with W.african's.I don't care for chatting with them,it's BORING,time consuming and they can't hold an 'inteligent' conversation! lol Here's the link... http://www.whatsrun..main.aspx
Now,did you look around the forum at Romancescams? They have a search at the top of the pages that you can look for names and e-mail addy's among other thing's.He may be reported there already.Just click on the word 'search'with the orange button next to it to open the window,it's got directions and is easy to use.

I'll keep an eye out for you...'S'
2007-07-20, 15:56:42
anonymous from United States  
Anon US, for an explanation of header, see http://www.delphifa..p=84#43689
2007-07-21, 13:48:44
anonymous from United States  
yea i looked on there and didnt see anything regarding his picture or anything--I feel like Im talking to a scammer but at the same time--I dont really know for sure. Im trying to have a conversation with him but hes mostly silent--I dont know how to get him talking.
2007-07-21, 15:51:55
anonymous from United States  

SUZ (7/21/2007 3:45:00 PM): so are you going to talk to me today??
summer loving (7/21/2007 3:45:17 PM): yes
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:46:10 PM): ok
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:46:17 PM): so talk
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:49:05 PM): hey do you have a webcam??
summer loving (7/21/2007 3:49:11 PM): Nope do you ?
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:49:14 PM): no
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:50:13 PM): do u have anymore pics of you that you can send to me??
summer loving (7/21/2007 3:50:21 PM): yes
summer loving (7/21/2007 3:50:27 PM): do you want me to send you via email ?
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:50:30 PM): no
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:50:32 PM): just do it through here
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:50:39 PM): you know how to do it through here right?
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:51:27 PM): click on the thing at the top of this im box that says photos
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:51:47 PM): itll pop up a link that says you have invited cuterdhd4u to start photo sharing
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:51:50 PM): and go from there
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:54:11 PM): why do you always keep logging out and back in??
SUZ (7/21/2007 3:54:15 PM): this is starting to get wierd
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:06:38 PM): bye bye
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:06:45 PM): if you suspect something then thats all ok ?
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:06:51 PM): well im ean you always log off
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:06:52 PM): dont worry yourself to talk to me
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:06:58 PM): in the middle of the conversation james
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:07:17 PM): i have things to do and when i go you email me and tell you you susppect something
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:07:19 PM): ok bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:07:23 PM): dont do this
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:07:25 PM): delete me from your list ok?
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:07:28 PM): bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:07:38 PM): dont pull this with me--
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:07:43 PM): suspect what ever you want to suspect
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:07:44 PM): you logged off and didnt even say anything
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:07:51 PM): listen
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:07:53 PM): well why does your profile say you are 6 ft and 140
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:08:01 PM): nevermind
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:08:10 PM): no say what you were going to say
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:08:28 PM): im sorry--i just get wierded out when people log off for no reason and then log back on and dont say anything--thats all
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:08:35 PM): id like to be able to have a normal conversation with you
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:08:42 PM): never mind
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:08:44 PM): no need
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:08:48 PM): why??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:08:56 PM): since you suspect something so let it be it ok
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:09:03 PM): i told you why i said that
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:09:18 PM): because you have to be careful of people--i didnt say that i think you are not who you say you are
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:09:27 PM): nevermind
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:09:29 PM): bye bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:09:30 PM): i just think it was a little wierd that in the middle of the conversation you logged off
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:09:34 PM): dont talk to me any more
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:09:35 PM): dont you dare do this
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:09:50 PM): if you dont have anything to hide--then you wont stop talking to me
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:10:07 PM): i dont know when you are at work and when youa rent
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:10:32 PM): i cant see through the computer to know that james--wouldnt you be a little wierded out if you asked me for pictures and i logged off??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:11:14 PM): talk to me please
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:11:36 PM): let me explain to you why i suspected something--before you go deleting me and not talking to me
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:11:47 PM): go i said i dont want to talk
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:11:52 PM): you suspect something fine
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:11:55 PM): thats all
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:11:58 PM): will you let me explain why??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:12:00 PM): am blocking you right now ok ?
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:12:00 PM): please??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:12:17 PM): fine blcok me then-that means i was right
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:12:22 PM): yes
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:12:23 PM): bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:12:28 PM): i was right--haha i knew it
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:12:31 PM): ok
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:12:33 PM): bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:12:41 PM): thats fine--i know where you are really from and who you are and what you do
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:12:50 PM): good
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:12:54 PM): ive done research
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:13:15 PM): thats fine--ill make sure american singles knows that you are using someone elses account
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:13:27 PM): u are a fool
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:13:30 PM): go and do that
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:13:31 PM): no im not
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:13:35 PM): i know whats going on--
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:13:39 PM): ok call them now
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:13:45 PM): let me give you thier number
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:13:46 PM): and do that
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:13:54 PM): your screen name says it all-should i give you the website where i found the info?
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:13:58 PM): aint you stupid to tell me that i dont want to talk to you is it by force?
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:14:04 PM): go ahead
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:14:21 PM): am blocking you now bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:14:29 PM): the website with the same screen name as yours--the one that has been used several times to scam
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:14:32 PM): i dont want to hear any of your nonsense ok ?
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:14:36 PM): theres even a pic of you and our conversation there
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:14:38 PM): have fun
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:16:43 PM): if you arent willing to explain things james--then thats what makes me suspect something
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:16:51 PM): ok
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:16:59 PM): so are you willing to explain things to me??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:17:03 PM): nevermind
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:17:22 PM): why your profile says you are 6ft and 140 when your arms are clearly big enough to crush a pitbulls head??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:17:24 PM): no i wont nevermind
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:17:55 PM): u were the one who emailed me first--all i was trying to do was get to know you--you kept acting like you didnt want to talk and would keep logging off--thats why i said i suspected something
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:18:34 PM): and when i said you had the exact same screen name as someone from ghana who is going around scamming women--you all of a sudden got busy and had to go back to work--thats not normal
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:19:06 PM): im not going to call the police on you--im not crazy--ive already been scammed by one person on this site--thats why im the way i am with people
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:19:16 PM): u need to talk to me and stop saying nevermind
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:19:41 PM): i can sit here all day and do this--i have nothing else to do until later tonite
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:20:18 PM): go ahead and call the police on me
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:20:23 PM): im not going to
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:20:29 PM): fuck i dont know the shit that you are talking
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:20:34 PM): i never said i would--all i want is an explanation from you james
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:20:41 PM): am from denmark and dnt know what you mean
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:20:52 PM): so go ahead and do that you think is right
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:21:01 PM): no need to xplain anything
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:21:02 PM): ok--this is what happened--will you listen please??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:21:06 PM): nope
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:21:22 PM): someone used the same screen name as you before and was scamming people--wouldnt you want to know that??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:21:32 PM): i was trying to look out for you--but you started acting all wierd about it
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:21:42 PM): i asked you for some pics of you and you logged off
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:21:55 PM): id send you pics of me, but i dont have any saved on my computer
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:22:13 PM): i believe you are who you say you are--im just letting you know why i got suspicious
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:22:15 PM): i can always send tyo some of me
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:22:21 PM): i dont know t you
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:22:30 PM): ok--send them to me through the im
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:22:37 PM): and i dont want to send pictures of me to someone i dont know
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:22:41 PM): i was in the process of explaining to you how to do it and you logged off
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:22:41 PM): i wont am sorry
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:22:46 PM): why??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:22:50 PM): and please dont send me some of yours ok ?
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:22:51 PM): bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:22:55 PM): you have two pics of your self on american singles??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:23:20 PM): bye nothing--no need to say bye--
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:23:25 PM): ok
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:23:25 PM): you dont need to act like this
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:23:52 PM): wouldnt you be suspicious too if you had read that i had the same screen name of someone that had been scamming people?? wouldnt you??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:24:07 PM): nevermind
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:24:07 PM): i didnt say that YOU did that--I said SOMOENE had the same screen name dear--theres a difference
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:24:33 PM): i didnt come right out and say james--you have a fake screen name messing with people and you arent who you say you are--i never said that
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:24:45 PM): just freakin talk to me
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:24:56 PM): im sorry--im trying to be careful--why cant you accept that??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:25:19 PM): wouldnt you want to know who you are talking to??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:25:25 PM): nope
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:25:29 PM): why??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:25:38 PM): why are you mad??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:25:39 PM): nevermind
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:25:43 PM): am not
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:25:44 PM): stop saying nevermind
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:25:46 PM): yes you are mad
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:25:48 PM): i dont want to talk to you
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:25:52 PM): if you werent--youd carry on a conversation
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:25:56 PM): go ahead and call american singles andall the shit
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:26:01 PM): im not going to do that
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:26:05 PM): ok i am so never mind
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:26:10 PM): i asked you a simple question that you wont answer
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:26:21 PM): so why cant you answer the question??
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:26:35 PM): i dont want to whats wrong with you ?
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:26:38 PM): nothing
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:26:41 PM): ok
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:26:42 PM): im trying to explain myself
summer loving (7/21/2007 4:26:43 PM): bye
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:26:46 PM): and you wont listen
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:27:25 PM): so answer the question then--tell me why your profile says you are 6ft and 140 when your arms in the pic are big enough to crush a pitbull's head?? thats all i wanted to know
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:27:48 PM): i think you know that you arent 140 hun--we both know that-thats obvious--(im trying to be funny here)
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:28:03 PM): thats the only answer i want
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:28:44 PM): james-- hello?? dont say nevermind--dont get mad--just talk to me
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:29:29 PM): if u didnt want to send pictures to me because you dont know me--thats all you had to say--im not crazy and i wouldnt have gotten mad--thats ANOTHER reason why i got suspicious
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:30:16 PM): hello??
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:30:21 PM): james--dont play games with me
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:31:20 PM): i dont know why you wont explain yourself
SUZ (7/21/2007 4:33:40 PM): U NEED TO TALK TO ME

When I questioned him about things--and sent him an IM in American Singles--he got all mad at me and was like if you suspect things--then Im not going to talk to you anymore--kept saying he was blocking me. I made him aware that all of our conversations are posted on here--and that I would be sure to alert AS of what is going on--he got all mad and kept saying 'Nevermind' as you can see from the conversation above. Another thing that made me suspicious--why would your profile on AS say that you were 6ft and 140 lbs when you have arms big enough to crush a pitbull's head?? I kept asking him about that too--and he wouldnt say anything. So either he WAS for real and I pissed him off--or hes from Ghana and knows that I caught him in the act. I dont know--maybe I was too pushy with my wanting an explanation--oh well. I guess this will be the last post.
Thanks for your help with this.
2007-07-21, 17:40:19
Skeet from United States  
Well,What is it that doesn't seem right? Reading it I see alot of telltales it's a scammer.He uses 'scamlish',won't answer your question's,is being argumentive,keeps signing on and off...You definately got him miffed.Also,he may not have many pic's to send,it depends on where they steal them from whether they have alot or a few. I don't know where you looked for his pic exactly,if it was in the forum at Romancescams it's not the right place to look.Here's a link to their photo section which is quite large. Try 'last uploads' first,click on that at the top.If you don't see him there try the section with Nigerian scammers;male,white{?}
2007-07-21, 17:55:48
anonymous from United States  
Well he also has threatened to get his lawyers involved now for defamation of character-a friend of mine was using my computer earlier today during that conversation and posted that conversation-I did not.

Im scared to death that Im going to get sued. I apologized but he threatened to get his lawyers on me.
2007-07-21, 19:29:06
Skeet from United States  
I wouldn't worry about,they've threatened people before.If he doesn't know where you live how is it going to happen anyway!? I beleive it's time for you to drop him,stop ALL comunication,if you have him on an off-site IM delete and block.Chalk it up as a learning experience and move on.
2007-07-21, 20:06:00
anonymous from United States  
Thanks for your help Skeet--I appreciate it.
2007-07-22, 09:02:44
Skeet from United States  
Sure thing! If you find any more come back and post them!
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