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Dating scammer Thomas Mends from Accra, Ghana


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2007-05-02, 11:48:47
anonymous from United States  

2007-05-02, 11:49:38
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: guy glasses
2007-05-03, 08:12:48
anonymous from United States  
bergman stockum (bergman writes) Sweetheart please there is onething u must know,because this country is very poor in many things,they will try asking you some questions before doing the transaction,please tell them i am your husband and i travelled to Africa,they will try to convince you,just tell them u know me and they will do it fast.Please be specific,u are soo caring and i cant wait to put a ring on that special finger of my heart, baby u made me love horses now and i will ride the first day i will land home.U have nice horses and i like the color of the baby female horse too,u are a darling.
Please use this information to send the money,

Please use this information to send the money,if u want me to receive it myself so i go and pay them at the company,my hotel address is,

Sweetheart this is all u will need for the transaction.I have attached the pics with my passport,driver license and social security.Sweetheart i send u all these info because you are my wife and my reason for living.
Now that we've met I cannot see my future without you in it. Every dream I have I see your face; every thought I have your name is in the whispers of the wind. You follow me everywhere, you are the reason I have a good day. You are the reason I smile when there is nothing to smile about. I know I truly love you when I lfirst heard your voice on my cell,my heart skiped a beat.
(this is the latest one received by email, he wants $30,000 from me, is this guy nuts?)

Keywords: man glasses
2007-05-03, 08:13:37
anonymous from United States  
soc sec card bergman stockum is using (fake fake fake)

Keywords: fake social security card ID
2007-05-03, 08:14:11
anonymous from United States  
dl from california bergman stockum is using (fake fake fake)

2007-05-03, 08:14:42
anonymous from United States  

Keywords: fake passport with or to get a visa for immigration to the USA
2007-05-03, 16:48:28
anonymous from United States  
this woman is a scammer wanting money to fly to you
2007-05-06, 21:46:48
anonymous from United States  
is this girl a scammer does any 1 know?she's asking for money need a answer quick thanks,txw

2007-05-08, 09:28:54
I have been talking with someone who claims they were born in Watford,United Kingdom and lives there but is in Ghana on a business trip now. He emailed me on my myspace page/profile and when I ask him personal questions he just gives me the simple & brief answers like his parents names,but no last names .after many months now of chatting,telephoning,emailing and the like he has proposed marriage to me..he has yet to tell me the name of his company he has and/or works for out of Watford, he has still not shown himself on cam..always comes up with something about that and/or changes the subject ...He declares his undying love for me and says he is coming here to the United States in early June to meet me in person and my family and we'll get married! I have fallen in love with him and I have showed myself on my cam and he knows about my life & my family & friends...I know I have been very naive and I am still learning about all these 'scams' & online dating,etc...It's been something else now that I may be facing such 'horrible' deceit,betrayal!!!!!! I feel so so foolish! He paid my phone bill online for me, he has sent merchandise here to my home from orders he supposedly placed online and the quantities are more than 1 item..which supposedly are for him to give to his 'workers' as 'thank you's' in Ghana...which now he is saying his company has paid for them & not him. When he first told me he was sending 'some things' here to my home address I really thought nothing of it & assumed it was something for me!!!! I had no idea it was going to be merchandise and in such 'bulk'!!!! ???? He promised me he would send me money and buy me a diamond solitaire engagement ring and do it online and/or send me the money to buy whatever I wanted! ?? and he calls/called me his 'princess' & 'beauty'! I have received some 'rings' alright ...but not any diamond engagement ring....2 wedding bands and of course the invoices were with them..with his supposedly 'real' name on it and my address!!!!!!! ??????? The rings are real! But I don't know now if he really is who he claims to be and why not send his orders to the address he has in Ghana ..whicn by the way I don't have his ..he wanted me to ship all the items to him in Ghana ..but I told him I was 'poor' and he told me not to be concerned nor worried about that nor anything. That he loves me and would provide and take care of me always ! I just needed to ask him if I wanted or needed anything or had any questions about him or anything..however; as I have done so and begun to do so more now that my daughters know about 'our relationship' and I could possibly be moving to the U.K. after he & I are 'supposedly' married..they(my daughters)are really trying to help me & warn me and protect me now! I am so so confused and messed up right now! Some , if not all my co-workers now know about our relationship & supposedly upcoming marriage and leave from my home & THE U.S. to the U.K,???????!!!!!!!!! I have sent the items/packages to him in Ghana ..he provided the postage ...and now he hardly comes online,messages me on im,my mobile or telephones me..say's he keeps getting busy signals,or something like that! ?????? I have given this man my heart,love & loyalty! I have opened myself up to him unconditionally ......Now HE MAY OR IS AND/OR HAS BEEN A 'FAKE','SCAMMER','FRAUD'!!!!!????? I am so upset and sad! I am scared too now! I don't know what to really do! What little he has sent to me and/or told me about himself and/or his life,relatives ..I am unable to trace/find anything out! On his myspace page/profile it is just plain...and not much there about him..only a little and the grammar is poor...but most times he spells very well in his emails,chats,etc...???? I do have 2 mobile numbers for him and most of the time if I continue to call I reach him..but supposedly he can't reach me now on the phones????? I have asked him many, many questions specifically about himself,his family,life,work,company,income,finances,schooling,etc.....and yet to receive any replies!!!!!!! He uses 'Ryan' as his profile name & the email he uses claims to be a civil & construction engineer and yet to give me the name of his company/business in or out of Watford,UK. He hasn't told me the name of the hotel or wherever he is staying at in Ghana on business. He has led me to believe he has MONEY/FINANCIALLY STABLE & that I AM HIS HEART/LIFE & HE IS COMING TO THE UNITED STATES in early JUNE & will do all he's said he would & I would be the 'happiest' woman in the world! I know I am 'silly,foolish' for allowing myself to let things progress this far and to have shown myself and sometimes 'intimately' on the cam..and let him know so so much about me..and believing he would do the same soon....and has not! Nor has a pkg. came to me from him which would contain info on him,his photos for real,and at the place he is at now working, and shirts of his for me to 'sleep' in..etc.... I have received no such package yet! and when I asked him how he posted it ..he tried to avoid that and said he had no idea it would take so long to come to I assumed he never sent it or sent it regular post from Ghana to the U.S. to me ..which takes a very long time to arrive! Yet he used or whomever used many credit card #'s,etc. to order the things he did and were sent to him...they either arrived overniteUPS,fedex,etc. and airmail too! and he had me to post those packagaes back to him using Global Express Mail now! So , there is another ' red FLAG' ..isnt it? Please don't think I am a very poor and naive woman..or stupid or uneducated.....for I am truly NOT!!!!! I am alone and have been some time now and I grant it ..I said I am naive about online dating,relationships,myspace,other sites ..yes..I am ..and I am foolish,stupid for believing such things now!!! BUT I ONLY WANTED 'FRIENDS',LOVE ,eTC., and I have been married before & divorced and had my share of life things..relationships here in my hometown..but I have been bitten by the 'internet' bug/scence & now I am seeking some guidance & help & understanding! I have no idea where to look for and at things .....please help me..lost in the U.S./Virgina!!
2007-05-25, 10:44:23
anonymous from United States  
She is back at it again, this one wastes not time at all, we all should be emailing the dating sites telling them they have to all have scammer lists on there network and an easy that we can instant alerts out others users that are trying to use these single sites properly so we are not wasting our time and money...She added another name Irene Cofi email She is so hungry for money, I just dumped her 3 days ago, she did not even notice until 10 minutes later, that I was the same person she tried to scam before. She also uses a Yaw Asante as the travel Agent from Zalcos Travel for her to send money to. Lies like the worse kind of dog....

Keywords: black woman white dress on sofa
2007-06-22, 19:30:15
anonymous from United States  
look out for these e-mails from nigeria
2007-07-06, 14:21:24
leave ghanaians alone you ditry people
2007-07-06, 17:03:40
anonymous from United States  
Sure we will...You leave us alone! You reap what you sow!
2007-07-13, 10:11:36
Everyone needs to realize that the pics these dating scammers send to us are random pics they actually get sent to THEM from dating services online.
They'll run ads in the dating services, ask for your picture and store it to use in their future scams!!
Make everyone you meet on a dating site a suspect!! Never trust anyone!!
2007-07-13, 15:17:48
anonymous from United States  
You MAY be right to a small extent BUT it is easily proven they steal them from various modeling site's,model's web-site's porn included!
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Are you being scammed and this is your first visit here?
Read the welcome page/ primer for newbies.
Thanks to Eddie for writing it up.

Please also read Miss Marple's article about recognizing male dating scammers.

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