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This weekend (October 10th, 2009), I introduced accounts on

The main reason was to give people the ability to edit a comment that they have posted several hours or days ago. Without a login, it was not possible to reliably identify the 'owner' of the comment.

Second, it did happen that someone impersonated someone else by using that person's name. It is still possible to post anonymously, but if you post while logged in, a green check mark will appear next to your name above the comment.

Finally, it has happened several times that one poster tried to reach another poster but neither one of the 2 posters had left their email address. The 2 posters would independently email me and I would try to make the connection. Successfully, in a few cases, I may add. Now, if you are logged in, you can send a message to another registered user on this site.

You can see your own messages in your profile.

In the upper right corner you have links to log in or to register a new account:

Once you are logged in, you can access your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right corner:

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2009-11-30, 17:39:25

2009-11-30, 17:39:53

2009-12-07, 20:01:03
don from United States  
How can I do a photo search? I think I may have someone trying to scam me.

2010-01-09, 08:19:21
Scambay Terr  
When I click on a name with the private message icon, nothing happens.
I would like to contact an admin re: password-related issue.
2010-01-19, 03:34:07
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2010-01-09, 08:19:21
Scambay Terr

Hi I saw that You want to change Your Password.

Please understand as far as I know Peter the site Administrator
is the only one capable of doing that.

You can write Him at ( )

Or You can do what I do when I come to the site.
I hit AutoFill for my Email address then click on the box where You are supposed
to enter Your Password 3 times and Your Password will appear for You.

This saves You from having to remember it each time.
Plus it makes signing in a no brainer.

Thank God because the Password I got was insane.

Just remember You must enter Your email address first then Your
Password will come up by clicking the box 3 times.

I Hope this has Helped You.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Ekaterina Rozhentsova

2010-01-19, 06:53:22
[hidden] from France
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Lizza Johnson

2010-01-19, 11:46:10
DOC from United States  
@Scambay Terr,

I got your message. You get mine? Click on your user name at the top right of the page to look at your messages.

Once you are logged in, you can access your profile by clicking on your name in the upper right corner:

2010-01-22, 16:07:03
Scambay Terr  
@Agent 86
Thanks - I will try that

I got your message 2010-01-17 17:52:04
If you replied to my follow-up message, I did not get it.

ADMIN: I do not seem to be getting notifications for several threads I have subscribed to (that regularly have new comments). I could be mistaken about this, but I seem to be getting them for threads I subscribed with my email when not logged in, but not for threads subscribed while logged in, including this one.
2010-01-23, 19:49:25
miles052194 from United States  
I apologize, but when I was setting up my account - I didn't pay enough attention and typed what I would have used as my password as my username. I would like to change my username, please - to PurpleCats1963, if that is okay. If there is anything else you need from me, let me know.

2010-01-23, 21:41:43
DOC from United States  
@miles052194 from United States,

Admin: (

Email him direct with your problem.
2010-01-25, 14:12:41
Datequ from Netherlands  
Hello Gerard!

I very glad, that you answered me. This day was main in my life!

I receive from you the letter and should tell you

about myself all. I want, that we knows each other better, and understand

completely.I am not so good know english language, but, I hope, it should not

be a problem between us. I want to study your language and to teath you russian.

It will be very interesting and it is useful for us, because to know the language

and culture of other country is very important. It is helps us to speak without

any problem. I want to tell you, that acquaintance through the Internet is new

for me. I never do it earlier. I worry very much and afraid. I do not

trust, that such happens, but my girlfriend get acquainted and now she is

happy. I decide to try writting to you. I worry, but I shall be open

and there will be a story about myself. Now I can speak about myself.

I live in Russia. It is very big country, which have a lot of an opportunity,

but, as I think, it not open yet all potential. In Russia is all for good

life: resources, there is a lot of ground, clever people, but now there is a

transitive period. People here trust, that all will be speed well, but for

the present it is not known how many still to wait. Though the people, which

want to work and to have the purpose in life, live happily. There were only

people, which bring up at kommunism and very difficultly to break their stereotype

about life, when for you to do all state. They do not know, what is it: market,

market attitudes and business. You do not think, that I am so divide the people

and speak so, but it is the Russian reality. I think that you mast to know

about Russia and about our life. I so much know about your country,

but want to study more concerning it. Will you tell me about your

country and city? What is the name of yous city? How many people are live there?

Tell me, please, it's very interesting for me! I live in settlement Lyulpany.

It is not so large settlement in comparison with other cities. It is in

the central part of Russia. Our settlement is industrial. Here makes many

industrial goods. Now you know about, where I live. I think, that it was

interesting for you. I was born and grown up here. Here I went to the

kindergarten, at school and in the university. In my childhood I was a

very vigorous and inquisitive girl.

Now I am 25 years old, and I already work. I work in a hospital. By the

children's doctor. Pediatric. It is state organization.

I hope, that you are not tired when to red my letter? I simply want you to

tell me about your life. I hope, that you understand, what I write to

you. Now I very tired and I shall write about myself more in the

following letter. I shall wait from you the letter and information on you,

if will want me to know about you more. Have a great day!

I hope, your friend, Darya.

2010-01-25, 16:30:07
Agent 86 from Salem, United States  
2010-01-22, 16:07:03
Scambay Terr

[ I do not seem to be getting notifications for several threads I have subscribed to ]

Hi this problem occurs when Your signed in because Your e mail address
must appear in the box at the top left in order for the system to know
what address to send it to.

So You must not be signed in and select to hide Your address and make
the posting.

You can always hit the edit button after the system sends You the
confirmation that it will send You updates.

You can sign in then and make the up date if You want to show Your
a registered member.

I Hope this has helped You.

Kind Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'// <><
2010-01-25, 18:30:18   (updated: 2010-01-25, 18:31:23)
Scambay Terr  
Agent 86

Thanks for the info. Your other tip on entering the password will come in handy for this, as I prefer not to post anonymously, but it seems I have to subscribe anonymously.

Since our accounts are registered with an email address, any chance that this will be improved so that we can subscribe while logged in?
It might also be useful to have a subscribe button that does not require posting a comment.

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