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How to submit a new scammer profile


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Do you wonder how to submit a new scammer profile?


Until now, this was not possible except for the administrator. A new function has been added. Start out with this URL:

Add a new scammer

I will monitor this how it goes.. I had been reluctant because I worried there will be thousands of new 'threads'. We'll see.
New submissions need to be accepted or rejected by myself; I plan to do this every few hours.

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2008-07-06, 20:37:25
OJAS from United States  
2008-07-08, 15:24:46 from United States  
rating on IM right now .she talking to me about iPods
2008-07-08, 19:28:02
anonymous from United States  

2008-07-08, 20:22:47
rating, a very good scammer she goes by Shina Adams

2008-07-11, 01:19:21
[hidden] from Greece  
I get this at date site friendjungle and we change a few mails at msn untill ask for money.

Hello Ioannis,

Good day to you..I am glad for you lovely message..It makes me feel loved..You are such a nice man...and i will loveto build a very serius relationship with you and see where it leads us to..

John , please always try and get some rest after the office work okay.


2008-07-14, 02:35:04
anonymous from Spain  

2008-07-27, 20:05:46
anonymous from Bolivia  
hello there my name is Aldo Barbato i am a bolivian citicen that was a victim of a scam of a nigerian woman pretending to be born in USA i met this woman last year in febreaury in dating site called she first winked at me and i noticed that in her profile was her email adress so i decided to write to her she answer me back and we started corresponding after a dew days we met on the yahoo chat where we chated for the first time but since then i felt something was not rigth short after she started pretending to be more serious with me and she asked me for my phone number which i gave her also she siad that she wanted to came to my country to get married she asked me to send her money for her travel expenses but all was wrong since the beguining cos she wanted me to send money on the name of a man she claimed to be her travel agent the guys name is criss ihuese , and she gave me an email to write him i wrote and with the response i started suspecting that and i inmediately could make out that this man was not a travel agent , she called me several times the voice clearly sounded of a white woman on her 30.s but alos noticed that everytime she called was a balck guy also there i could in mediately realize i m very good recognizing accesnts the african black people has an unmistakable accent but the girl defenetaly was white and young to make story short after being in touch for about 6 months we stop writing eachother cos i dint send the money during the time i discover a bunch of lies and contradictions to be honest this 2 if they are parthners in crime they are amateours with a lot to learn , they make it to obious , the woman repatedely denied my request to see her on web cam that make suspect more ,after a while dojg a work of inteligence on my own i discover that woman use many alias anda fake names , one is lora jaccobs she has there a profile on my there she claims to be a waitres form ny nd to me she told me she is a nurse from the heart to heart foundation which doesetn exist i already veryfy , she operates with the following fake names , florence jennifer annie , lora jaccob, janeth s , alicia evelyn , grace , biola williams , suzane and kimi so far i know this names , i could track also thsi woman to london becouse this year we retook contact she was on a hotel called 12 sherwood picadilly she calimed was the head quarters of her organization i called her to phone she gave me and guess what the 2 time i called i young guy answered this time the guy was white , i could hear her voice on the backround and even she was coufing later one she denied the fact of course but there is when i realize thisd was a total scam she is back in nigeria in a place called plateaus earlier she was in abuja and lagos also and when i met her she was ina neighbour country called benin in a city called cotonou so ths people even they r amateours they still very clever , inteligent and dangerous , the emails i have form them r,,, and she has 3 profiles on one on the name of janeth s and 3 on hi5 one as woamn in lovew where i invited her but she has also 2 as a man , she also has 2 profiles in, , my with the name of lora jaccobs and i beleve in sex search also .
well noy il alos will put the emil of this guy who pretends to be a travel agent
i hope all this info will be useful 4u all if have more info or data or pics of this scamer please dont hesitate to write me ill put to this scamer in the sites as a fraud this will help a lot of people if u have extra info to share with and stop this woman or this gang fell fre to share it all will be treated confidential
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Sandra Seidu

2008-07-27, 20:16:14 from La Paz, Bolivia  
ill put more pics of this woman called florence jennifer annie or lora jaccobs , janeth s. , cristal nallar , suzane , kimi and alicia evelyn r some on the names she uses wachout with that woman she is dangerous very clever , and floxxujustice5 r some of her mails check my previous coments for more details please

2008-07-27, 20:30:22
anonymous from Bolivia  
more picsture of the smae scam woman

2008-07-30, 23:11:51 from United Kingdom  
liyan2008 she wants to be your girl shes a toy...she loves you long time..shes so active
she has so many pics she works overtime..shes has so many friends ..i have watched her buzzing from site to site she needs to burn .........

2008-07-30, 23:14:39
anonymous from United Kingdom  
pretty liyan2008 ..she,s coming to your town soon her sister lives nearby with her new husband..she wants to meet all your friends

2008-07-30, 23:18:29
anonymous from United Kingdom  
she triped on the stairs ...cant come now..mother comes to look after her now
broke both her still write me...pretty liyan2008...shes got her claws into you

2008-07-30, 23:20:56
anonymous from United Kingdom  
be very careful i can smell....a dirty scammer could be true fate if the 2 of us were to may get burned

2008-07-30, 23:22:11
anonymous from United Kingdom  
look at the bike???????????????????she could not ride it dressed like that
2008-07-30, 23:23:26
anonymous from United Kingdom  
nice 2 nice

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