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How to submit a new scammer profile


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Do you wonder how to submit a new scammer profile?


Until now, this was not possible except for the administrator. A new function has been added. Start out with this URL:

Add a new scammer

I will monitor this how it goes.. I had been reluctant because I worried there will be thousands of new 'threads'. We'll see.
New submissions need to be accepted or rejected by myself; I plan to do this every few hours.

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2009-05-15, 08:49:32
anonymous from United States  
this is another picture of grace ubar
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Rose Kimberly in Africa

2009-05-15, 12:40:12
OJAS from United States  
Tin eye hit for Anon US 2009-05-15, 08:49:32, http://vietsingle.v..=2&z=2&q=0
2009-05-17, 17:24:35   (updated: 2009-05-17, 17:26:22)
anonymous from United States  
thanks for that. it just seems like i will never met my better half all of the girls on the datting sites are all the same. even thogh this one found me on a email that my son left on this site, so people never leave ur email on this site, scammers do b on here. thanks again Ojas. keep up the good work. sincerly , Mr.Usa
2009-05-27, 08:37:43
anonymous from United States  
WATCH OUT FOR AKA 'BOBBY DANIEL' this is a profile from who wants you to help him out because he gets stranded in Logos, Ikeja, Nigeria. He says he had his passport and money stolen. he talks so romantically with you for months and desperately needs your money. BEWARE!!! He has email

From: destinyopy50 (
To: godlygirl4heaven (
Date received: March 27, 2009
Subject: RE: Godly Girl 4U

Hello Angel,

I am a Man of 50 Years old..I live in GLENFIELD ND.I am 6'2 tall about average and white in complexion.I was a civil Engineer by Profession, but currently, I'm a business man, I'm into buying and selling Diamonds, Stones and Golds. I'm a Good devoted Christian man and also a Caring and Loving Man.

I was born Dallas TX, but raised in Manchester England I've been Divorced since 6 Years ago,I have 1 daughter..She won a scholarship and she's presently studying in the U.K with her mother,I am a Man of High Moral Integrity,caring,loving loving open minded man,Honest,God Fearing and Supportive.I am willing to Relocate as soon as I Found the Right one.I believe with the level of my Honesty and sincerity .. i will not find it difficult to meet the right one.
I Love to swim,dance,read Books and also love to attend party,I Drink socially don't smoke.I am a easy going man, friendly and lover of children ...
After going Through your Profile on so much grow interest in you and that is the more reason why I have decided to Write you some little email about me. I am looking for Real woman who will Love me for who I am and what I do.I am Looking for someone to spend the rest of my Life with,someone who will love me ..I am Looking a long Lasting Happiness now.
Your Profile seems to be more interesting,Attractive and very Nice,You appear like a sky Angel who is sent from God..Everything you wrote about yourself is really nice, I don't believe in what a woman looks like, her heart and love matters alot to me.

I'll be glad to Hear from you as soon as you get this Message.
You are free to add me to your Yahoo chat List so that we can chat more and see where it leads,No One Knows where the Right One Lives, And if you don't have one, you can set up one, is very very easy....Thank you!

Thanks and God Bless

Haaaaaaaaaa.....Your beauty almost made me forget to write my name..I'm Bobby Daniel .I'll Look forward to chat with you as soon as Possible..I'm online now on my Yahoo messenger and my yahoo im is (bobby_freeman88) I don't Intend being on match for long, I will Be Looking Forward to hearing from you Soonest.



49-year-old man
Glenfield, ND, US
Seeks women 40-50
Active within 24 hours

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2009-05-28, 07:28:19   (updated: 2009-05-28, 07:28:43)
anonymous from Netherlands  
Is there a kind of forum or so here? I don't understand how the people can =
cask money with Western Union=A0under a false identity=A0as they need to sh=
ow ID's , passport etc...or is the name real but are they using just the pi=
ctures of white men?=A0
Thank you.
2009-05-28, 07:46:16
anonymous from Australia  
This lady has just sent me an email to my business email site.Her name is Anastasiya,calls herself Nastyushka_girl 24yrs old ,her email address is,does anyone know her.
My business site is purely for business and used for nothing else
2009-05-28, 07:46:29
anonymous from Australia  
This lady has just sent me an email to my business email site.Her name is Anastasiya,calls herself Nastyushka_girl 24yrs old ,her email address is,does anyone know her.
My business site is purely for business and used for nothing else
2009-05-28, 07:46:45   (updated: 2009-05-28, 07:47:45)
anonymous from Australia  
This lady has just sent me an email to my business email site.Her name is Anastasiya,calls herself Nastyushka_girl 24yrs old ,her email address is,does anyone know her.
My business site is purely for business and used for nothing else
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Aleksandra

2009-05-30, 12:24:56   (updated: 2009-05-30, 12:45:53)
Hi, I would like to report 'Kyle Simmons' aka or He was rather charming, and had told me he was a 40 year old architect trying to bring artifacts from Africa, but was short $600 to pay customs. He asked me for money and my address. He said his client owed him money, but was sending a check to him that he could not cash over in Africa. So he said his client would send me a check in my name and for me to cash check after I receive it by mail. Then I would wire the money to him. This sounded pretty suspicious because he gave many reasons for not being able to come up with that money himself. He also claimed that he was no longer going to be a member at, but gave his email address. He claims he is from Minneapolis.

2009-06-01, 03:07:22

Sent: 29 April 2009 08:59:24 AM

Hello angel, I hope you`re having a great time?... Ummm, i wish i can see you now in physical to ask you for a date , though am just going through the web for the search of my soulmate and i find your profile so intersting and i had to stop here and drop you a letter..I like traveling, swimming, Car racing,foot ball.if you want to know more about just write to my private inbox and ask any thing Sweetie i would want to know and learn more about you, probably you can add me in your msn chat list frangeo45//at//hotmail//dot//com ,, so that we can make a better & easy comunication online and get aquinted, if you wish to see my picture kindly send an email to my box frangeo45//at//hotmail//dot//com I do hope to talk to you soon. Geovanni

Mail From Geovanni‏
From: Francessco Geovanni (
Sent: 28 April 2009 02:20:32 PM
To: 3 attachments
Giovani2.jpg (14.8 KB), Giovani3.jpg (15.2 KB), Giovani13...jpg (12.4 KB)

Hello ,

If only you know how happy i`m to recieve your email and to know the type of a woman and your wishes in life... If only we are together in the same jeographical area now... You know , i believe we can make it together in reality, cause when i first set my eyes on you online i knew from that moment that i`ve met the woman i`d wanted all my life and to spend the happiest moment in life with. Honestly my heart took of for a smile when i saw you... let me say little about me, though am 46yrs of age a single with 8yrs old lovely daughter, i guess you know my country as a native of italy but i live in Britian., besides who i`m and my personalities as a honest, sincere, faithful, loyalty and respected man, i believe i`m the best man you could wish having in life, though it will be my priority as man with great sense of humor to make you the happiest woman on earth and in our reality i believe we are going to have great moment together that will make other single women envy of you, though i`d not really have the thought of relationship over a period of 5yrs ever since i lost my wife in an auto crash, it a sad story here to tell right? i guess you know how it feel to lost someone special??? though is the nature of life, ups and down, you make me happy when i know you understand it, you know... moving on in life no matter the circumstance you`d find yourself... though we all have sad stories in life, i have to open my heart for trust, true friendship and ever lasting relationship when my daughter told me about online dating. Sure am a human and get lonely mostly when my daughter is away to school, you know, she lives in the school boarding house, that was a great thought of a young woman of 8yrs old to remind me of, i`d to give it up for some one again in life... You know, and i believe online relationship had worked out for other people even in different region to life a fulfil life together and i have the believe that we are not an exeption of that... i see all the qualities i want in a woman in you and someday i know i will make a wish of living an enternal life with you, i really don`t want to know all about you before my heart can feel great about you, because only in silence i can love you better with no interruption. Hmmm, time right? that`s what i believe will tell about you and i no matter what we say in words now, all i can do is make you believe me and learn to trust again in someone, I really do love to talk to you online more you know, i believe that`s the only true conversations and comunications we can get to know our feels in heart and our pasts, and what we wish. You know ,, sometimes in life when we know we want in our good self interest, i think the best thing to do is to give it up for that time to porsue our dream and achieve it by faith when it find a way to us. you can creat time for yourself you know, probably you can call me in your free time so that we know more of each other i have also added you to my messager so we chat
Have a lovely Day and great time, i do hope to hear from you soon,
Your sincere,

Geovanni .........

My Mobile ....+4470359 78822

2009-06-07, 08:51:12
anonymous from United States  
2009-06-07, 08:58:03
anonymous from United States  
2009-06-10, 19:39:28
I want to know if this person is a scammer. His name is Ojo Frank West, he states that he is from Gastonia, North Carolina and in Lagos, Nigeria. Claims that he owns a ceramic and tile store his late father left him. His 14 year old daughter lives with his mother in Mexico. Please help me, I am in love with him and I want him, but this is not easy.

Lost and Confussed

2009-06-10, 20:26:26   (updated: 2009-06-10, 20:30:10)
B from China  
SCAMMER!!!! I found this on http://scamblackboo..list.html

His address that he has given is: 1 Kujore Street, Ilupegu, Lagos, Nigeria 23401

This guy is a scammer
written by Desperate Scammed Widow , May 14, 2009
My scammer got me for $4000.00 his address is His goes by the name of Ojo Frank West. He even went as far as booking the flight and sending me the details and it was good to go until he canceled it and then called me with a sob story that he could not leave Lagos Nigeria because he needed more money to pay his hotel bills. In other words he wanted me to send him $1000.00.

Others I have had contact with which asked me to send them money singlesoul4love
these all have asked me to send them money after when I sent the first money to Mr. Ojo Frank West

I am just glad that I can report this to this site so others will not do the stupid mistake that I did. I just hope the rotten scum bags enjoy there money and had a gay old time with it. They work in groups in there internet cafees.

Scammed Widow
2009-06-10, 22:51:45
[hidden] from Salem, United States  

Please believe the posting from China.
You are most definitely being scammed.
Do not allow, Your feelings to keep, You from ending
all contact with the liar and thief.
Never tell the scammer anything at all about this site or how,
You learned the truth. That only helps the scammer to be better at
scamming others.
Never post, Your e mail address on this site.
Scammers watch it constantly.
There are no Black or White, Men or Woman from Nigeria, Senegal,
Ghana, Gold Coast, Ivory Coast, all of West Africa on line that are
not scammers.
Please end it now and please believe, Me I know how it must hurt.
These scammers do not care what happens to their victims.
All they do is laugh at, You for being fooled.
You are respected here and no one blames, You for being scammed.
The scammer makes us question our own ability to make judgments.
Please take the time now to learn about scams and scammers
so in the future, You will know a scammer instantly.
I am very sorry that, Your hurt by this and hope, You are OK.

Kindest Regards Agent 86 Maxwell Smart \\'^o^'//

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