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How to submit a new scammer profile


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Do you wonder how to submit a new scammer profile?


Until now, this was not possible except for the administrator. A new function has been added. Start out with this URL:

Add a new scammer

I will monitor this how it goes.. I had been reluctant because I worried there will be thousands of new 'threads'. We'll see.
New submissions need to be accepted or rejected by myself; I plan to do this every few hours.


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2010-05-31, 12:18:18
anonymous from France  
Found on meetic affinity, name is Irina KRASIVA,

Salut x!!!!!

x j'ai reçu ta lettre, et je suis heureuse. Je veux t'apprendre ainsi plus.

Mais je ne connais pas{ne sais pas} de quoi{que} commencer. J'espère qu'à toi aussi plaire.

x je veux te parler{te dire} que je vis dans la Russie. Sur le site je ne pouvais pas me faire enregistrer de la Russie.

Et je devais choisir un autre pays. J'espère que vous me comprenez. Je pense qu'une grande distance ne nous empêchera pas.

Pour faire connaissance dans les lettres. Cela ainsi ? x je regrette beaucoup, mais chez moi est absent MSN et je peux écrire seulement ici.

Je veux parler{dire} qu'étudiait la langue Française à l'école.

Et à l'université quelques ans. Me plaire beaucoup la langue Française.

J'espère que tu me comprends. Je veux raconter aussi de moi-même plus.

Mon nom Irina. À moi il est maintenant à 32 ans. Je suis née le 18 septembre 1977. Et je vis avec la mère dans notre appartement. Je n'étais jamais pour le mari et ne pas avoir les enfants.

La ville, dans qui je vis, s'appelle Balakhna. Je travaille dans le salon de la beauté 'Scharm'.

Je travaille comme le styliste. Je comprends parfaitement toutes les finesses des coiffures, les vêtements, le maquillage et d'autres détails formant l'image de la personne.

Mon travail me plaît, parce que j'invente les coiffures diverses et plusieurs l'autre.

Me plaisent, quand nos clients partent beau de notre salon.

x que tu voudrais m'apprendre ? ? ? Demande chez moi, et je t'suis obligatoire répondre.

J'espère que tu enverras les photos aussi. Je voudrais les recevoir plus de .

Je t'envoie la photo. J'espère que tu aimes. Dis à moi, x.

Que tu aimes dans les femmes ? Quel caractère ? Qu'elle doit savoir ?

Je voudrais connaître{savoir} beaucoup. J'espère que je recevrai de nouveau ta lettre et ta photo.

J'attendrai beaucoup. x tu n'oublieras pas m'écrire la lettre ? J'espère qu'est absent.

J'attends beaucoup.....

Ta nouvelle amie Irina.'

2011-10-01, 22:58:44
okiguma from United States  
I was scrammed by a Nicole Brennan. Her mailing address is pipe tank ave, 247/18 Mandella Streets Swedru Accra, Ghana. Her phone number is 233 208 846 165. Her email address is

I met Ms Brennan on an adult single site, Ms. Brennan told me that she was single and was living with her mother and brother in Swedru. She also stated that she was employed at her mothers hair shop. I met Ms Brennan in August of 2011. During which time, i ve sent her about $500 in cash to obtain a visa and a medical exam. When i checked your web site, i discovered a letter that was emailed to a Mr Liam. It was the same letter that was emailed to me by Ms Brennan. At which time, i stopped sending Ms Brennan money. Ms Brennan also emailed me a copy of her Ghana Passport and U.S Visa. During which time, i called the United States Visa office and gave them her passport and visa numbers. They were fake....

If you need additional info, please mail me back.
2011-10-13, 08:09:05
The professional scammers uses his guy photos in facebook

The scammer collected money using the name' Smith William Azmovic' through Western Union, Malaysia
The company they used 'Smith De Roy Business Associate SDRBA'
Cell phone: +447564163826; +18184316758; +60169469820
Home/Office: +447031749628/+447031826397 and +442030512902 ext 180

They are a group of fraudsters staying in Malaysia (with at least 2 white guys & local guy /ladies there)
They are named Abdul Hakeem - Cell phone: +60169138528; Suzlinna Binti Saini +60172998646

I saw this guy real face on webcam - DON'T SEND any CASH!!!!

2011-10-13, 08:11:33
Refering to the previous messages, the scammers login on 'Smith' by;;
The photo they use 'Smith William/ Smith Williams'

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Smith Williams

2011-10-13, 08:14:21
The scammer using the fake passport

2011-10-13, 08:15:24
The scammer using 'Smith William Azmovic' with this guy photo
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Smith Williams

2011-10-21, 18:30:19
SCAMMER FROM GHANA STOLE GENERAL CHARLES JACOBY'S ID. This scam is a combination of Romance and Nigerian money laundering scam; In April 2011 NIGERIAN/GHANAN scammers stole LTG. CHARLES JACOBY’s military photo and IMPERSONATED GENERAL JACOBY’S identity online on FACEBOOK, SKYPE, MYSPACE, hi5, and other social sites. As of this time the fake profile on Face book, Skype, and MySpace have been shut down because of my involvement. I am sure the impersonator/scammer has an excuse for why these profiles no longer exist. He continues scamming people all over the world.. The email address this scammer have used is and ,OR ANYTHING CLOSE TO THIS EMAIL IT IS A FAKE. IP ADDRESSES of LTG. Charles Jacoby and his gang that they have used to scammed people.     THEPLANET.COM INTERNET SERVICES INC
Sunnyvale, CA Yahoo!
Los Angeles, CA Google Inc
Los Angeles, CA Google Inc UK Dedicated Servers Limited
Los Angeles, CA Google Inc
Los Angeles, CA Google Inc
YOU WILL NEVER SEE HIS FACE, NEVER..And you will never speak to him because his Gahanna accent will give him away. CHARLIE AS HE CALLS HIMSELF GIVES THE VICTIM A BANK ACCOUNT TO CONTACT THE BANK MANAGER, LAWYER, MINISTER; (it should not matter for these people are in on the scam). YOU ONLY HAVE TO USE YOUR ID TO TRANSFER AND MOVE THE MONEY. IT IS FOR 14.5 MILLION or he may change the amount,(this should not matter it is still a scam) YOU HAVE TO DO NOTHING. YOU WILL NOT GET IN TROUBLE WITH THE LAW BECAUSE HE LOVES YOU, YOU ARE THE ONE HE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR ALL HIS LIFE. CHARLES WILL TAKE ANY AND ALL INFO HE GETS FROM YOU AND PASS IT ON TO HIS PARTNER THE BANK MANAGER, bank lawyer, or minister. BUT WAIT UNTIL CHARLES GANG OF SCAMMERS START WORKING YOU, it could be THE BANK MANAGER, lawyer, wife, daughter and minister. REMEMBER this was not supposed to cost you anything, but you will encounter a fee for every STEP OF THE process.
AND OF COURSE THE BANK MANAGER IS A GOD FEARING MAN. These scammers uses Gods name so frivolous it is blasphemous. WILL WANT TO INVEST AND HE/SHE WILL LOAN YOU SOME OF THE MONEY. You will not see the money, but you will think things are not that bad… SO YOU CAN MAKE THE PAYMENTS TO GET CHARLES MONEY TO HIM. AND YOU WILL CONTINUE UNTIL YOUR MONEY IS GONE.
Ha this bank will make everything legal to move this amount of money from one country to yours, they have done it before. But then again you are not breaking any laws. You are just helping this person you have fallen in love. He will tell you anything to suit YOURS AND HIS RELATIONSHIP. One of his lies he uses to gain your sympathy is his wife divorce him and took everything. She turned the kids against him, you are all he He has nothing to fall back on when he retires. He will tell you, you are the only person he can trust the only ONE because of his position etc. ONE OF HIS LINES HE USES IS HE NEEDS YOU MORE THAT YOU NEED HIM. That is a fact he needs you for your money. This crime can only be carried out by him manipulating you into secrecy and isolation and lying to you with the use of his gang of scammers to carry out this crime against you. HE WILL EMPHASIZED YOU ARE THE TRUSTWORTHY PERSON CHARLES HAS BEEN WAITING FOR ALL HIS LIFE.
Ask this idiot historical and real data about specifics about the identity he has stolen and he literally runs from his computer.
2011-10-25, 08:45:40
anonymous from United States  
this person had been writting me some time, and than ask for money, said his id got stolen and need some money for him and son, His email is and is also on face book I really believe every word he trold me till I found out his phone number is in nigeria

2011-10-25, 14:30:27
Its an Focus hawaii model goes as Sergio

Has been used many times by scammers.




2011-10-28, 03:02:47

Some of the profiles of reported scammers are missing. Tested the photos and I am surprised that those photos never been reported in this site before, whereas their profiles were here before. Please explain WHY?????
2011-10-28, 11:03:08   (updated: 2011-10-28, 11:04:14)
Administration got some problems before .

Many posts are not recognized anymore in the system, so that's why they are gone. Now you can post your comments and pics without removing or deleting.

Excuses for that problem
2011-10-28, 13:05:15   (updated: 2011-10-28, 13:13:36)
anonymous from United States  
Ny story is I was contacted by ABLEACTION who claims to be James Mccain. Here is his first email to me along with a sample letter. I have seen similar letters but indicating he is from a different location. He showed as being local to me. Yikes, and I thought this would be safe!! Anyways, much of what these scammers do is cut and paste love letters from various sites. All you need to do is cut and google yourself. Works like a charm. Pictures are more difficult to trace but luckily I found where my scammer got his pic's through a recent resource.
Here is the site he used to post pictures. Do you know Raoul Bova? Sexy man but he is not James Mccain, if you know what I mean.
Be careful ladies and do your homework. I certainly did. Good luck in search of a real man!
first letter

How are you doing today?,I hope you having nice time, as for me am cool and lonely.You sound nice and honest.I'm new to this online thing please bear with me.more about me I am single never married .I am into buying and Sales of Jewelry.I`m 6;0ft , 45 years with a athletic build, mentally stable, physically fit, a bunch of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listening, God Fearing, and a positive person.I am real easy person to talk to and a good listener. I enjoy chilling` with my friend/family , I like going to the movies , or watching movies in my room , I like swimming , fishing, listening to music and dance to any kind of music, traveling , going bowling and also a good cook.I am a family oriented person and There is more, but it would be better for you to find some things out for yourself. I really enjoyed reading your profile,and like what you had to say. A bit about me; I am friendly, courteous, affectionate, respectful, and most of all a gentle man. I believe in being open and honest, loving your family, being a REAL friend, treating others with respect, being ommitted to the ones you love regardless of their actions, showing affection, doing the little things that show you care, listening before deciding, and of course true love. In a 'social' setting, I am somewhat quite and a little shy in the beginning, but I open up more and more as trust and bonds are formed.
I love playing golf,and all outdoor activities, almost any sport, hiking, biking... Family comes before any activity.I definitely believe there are some people we are meant to meet, even if just for a little while I consider myself to be an easy going, fun loving, caring and honest person. I believe in being committed to a relationship. I like many things and I am fairly open to trying something new. I would like to meet someone who: shares my interests, (not necessarily all, but at least some of them). honest, easy going, fun loving and caring. would be committed to a relationship with the right person. would like to get to know me for who I am inside. is open to trying new things I am very open minded about 'the woman of my dreams'. Age, circumstances,Beauty, distance are NOT important. You could be 25 or 55, live next door or 300 miles away, a waitress or a makes no difference... I'll know you are the one when we meet.
I am not arrogant nor do I think I am 'better' than anyone else. I enjoy treating a lady in a way so she feels like a Queen. I am looking for an attractive and honest woman to spend time with and get to know, friends at first... maybe more later. Looks are definitely not everything, but some physical attraction has to exist for a relationship to begin. But, just as important I do believe people become more attractive or less attractive as you get to know them... PERSONALITY is important too!! I want to have that special something deep inside that can't be described in words. You can only know what it is by experiencing it. That mutual connection between two people that is just there naturally. I would like to know more about you too. I am really interested in wanting to know about what makes you the special person you are today, I want to know more about your family, your background, your life experiences, past relationships, your goals and dreams, your interests, and anything else you want to tell me. I even want to learn about the secrets you very rarely share with someone!. So come on and share it all with me, as I am not here to talk to you about general things such as partying, the weather, sports, e.c.t. I want to learn about you and what makes up your heart and soul, as the friendship I want to build with you I want it to be like no other you have ever shared in or experienced. This friendship I want to build with you will be filled with substance, quality, spirituality and potential Get back to me as soon as possible cos i will continue checking my mail every minute to see if you mailed.

Hope to read from you soon

sample of one of the letters he sent commonely used by scammers
Subject: True Love is Sweet
Dear Sunshine,
I am happy to read from you again...and hope my letter finds you well in good has not been long we met online but all has changed in my life. I experience more excitement, feel like the happiest man on the earth, and think of you all the time. it is not just at bedtime, or upon waking up but at my work, during driving, and at all times. Sometimes i sit and without any reason call your name loudly, until realizing that you are far away, and then smiling about the sweet thoughts of you.
When i read from you, it makes my heart beat faster, and feels like some sweet feelings, unexplainable, not understandable. i want you bad enough like the roses would need their perfume, like wind needs its songs, like snow needs its whiteness, like a little child wants ice cream. i did not plan to love you, it just happened.

The world has many beauties, some like lilies, jasmine, irises, roses; some were just simple plain flowers, none of them made me feel attracted. it was your lovely Heart. it was you in whole who made my heart like falling out of its place. it was like lightening had struck me, it was like an angel had shown herself. it was you and your love what made me what i am today, i thank God for that.

I will keep loving you as long as the sun keeps shining, the stars keep brightening the sky, the winds keep blowing, the snow keeps falling, and the flowers keep smiling.
Loving you forever.
I am very lucky to have a beautiful woman in my life.
Take care now.



2011-10-28, 23:29:31
Reported scammers profiles are missing here. WHY????????

2011-10-29, 04:32:40
Also known as 'Thedora Keeling' from Ghana (Romantic Scammer). She ask you for Money. Tells to you she loves you. Plays the usual Games. Nigerian Connection. Attention ! Search this Name and you will find a lot of Scammer who use Pictures from Next Door Nikki like 'she' too. -
2011-10-29, 06:11:01
Dirk from Kerkrade, Netherlands  
Data Loss on DelphiFAQ

I am sorry to announce that Friday, 23rd of September 11
after a crash and reboot, large amounts of comments were
lost, due to a database file corruption.

The database has been restored, but the most recent backup
was 14 months old. So, all comments between July 2010 and
September 2011 are lost.

My apologies to the community for this.

Peter Tiemann, administrator.

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