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Most of this site's traffic comes from.. Ukraine?


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Today (12/30/2006) I reviewed this site's traffic. In general, traffic has increased, due to the popularity of the dating scammer section. I noticed that the number of visitors grew steadily but the transfered data volume had gone up big time.

The following is a statistic for the month of December 2006, as produced by awstats. This tool tries to filter out robot visits by google or yahoo's spiders etc. All visits are supposedly 'human' visits.

You can see the number one most active visitor is I used web site which said that this visitor is from New York (and belongs to Google, Inc.).
I suspect that this is some software. You can see that this visitor requested 5481 pages, and the total number of hits was also 5481.
Now, a regular visitor would request maybe 100 pages, and each page has on average 5 graphics, which would lead to 5 * 100 = 500 hits.
If a user loads 5481 pages and also only 5481 documents, then this means that the user did not load the images, and also did not load style sheets or javascript include files. In other words, this is not a human visitor.
For example if you look the last visitor in that table (IP number 64.233.*.*) then you see 533 pages were loaded, 4490 hits generated. Apparantly the average page had 4490/533 - 1 = 8 images.

Now the interesting part is that IP numbers 2 and 3 in this statistic both are resolved to come from the Ukraine! The ISP is NETCATHOSTING. I wonder why they hit my web server so heavily. You can see that the transferred data volume is huge - nearly 1.7 GB from and combined.

I will have an eye on these 2 IP numbers and possibly block them from viewing this site. Obviously this is not a human viewer, since the number of hits is identical to the number of pages requested.

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2008-08-07, 01:58:03   (updated: 2008-08-07, 01:58:52)
Peter (Admin) from United States  
Looks like this web site is HIGHLY popular in Ghana.
Who would have thought :-)

The screenshot below comes from

The numbers change from time to time..

2008-08-08, 04:20:40
anonymous from Brooklyn, Australia  
Yes I can see that these scammers are getting more clever and it DOES NOT help when us victims point them to it as a reference point either does it as it arms them with more info to use against us! So when you find that a scammer is posted herein, (if your not into revenge that is,) just tell them you have seen their fake picture on Anti scam site and NOT WHICH ONE YOU SAW IT ON so they will waste more time searching for it to confirm! These people hate wasting their time so we should collectively make it as hard for them to find out if they are here or not by subterfuge if necessary and perhaps get some collective minds together that can come up with some novel ways to get these arse holes caught and out of the market.
2008-08-11, 09:36:41 from United States  
I also noticed are I rather highly suspect that scamming girls in Russia use the email address with ending of

Many girls send emails of love and promises of marriage if you can just send them some cash to help pay for translations from Russian to English and Visa Versa. I tested this myself using different email addresses under different names and found the same women would send identical letters back to me. Some ladies I can even tell you what letter will come next in sequence. lol

Correct me if I am wrong but it seems that a lot of these scamming girls seem to come from the Ukraine?



2008-08-11, 12:31:53
re: & NOW iDs as Panama
2008-08-11, 14:29:44   (updated: 2008-08-11, 14:30:32)
anonymous from United States  
Actually, that is what I do now. I have learned by my mistakes. I tell them they are scammers but not where I found their pics on the Net with identical letters. lol

By the way I am not from the USA but from Canada
2008-08-26, 21:35:36
anonymous from United Kingdom  
Id like to feed liyan2008 to my pitbull and pretty xuemie check ot this hot witch ...she is a toy on so many sites ....pour water on her now....I hate her..shes following me around I posted an an saying I was a doctor...I have so many new patiance ...they are so sick..
Ill send you a snap....its her eyes...
2008-09-03, 14:33:43
why is this coming up as having new posts for me, when it doesn't have a new post?
2008-09-03, 21:54:55
anonymous from China  
@admin re Traffic Rank: What is also interesting is that Russia, Ukraine, Nigeria or Senegal are not even in the top 20 on the list. users come from these countries:

More users...
United States36.6%
United Kingdom7.1%
South Africa1.7%
Other countries14.2%

2008-09-17, 12:05:47   (updated: 2008-09-17, 12:06:47)
anonymous from United States users come from these countries:

United States37.8%
United Kingdom7.2%
South Africa2.3%
Syrian Arab Republic0.9%
Other countries16.1%
2008-09-21, 15:14:59   (updated: 2008-09-21, 15:20:22)
[hidden] from Canada  
A man named Tony Brown who I met thru Christian Singles scammed me out of close to $7000. He said He lived in Florida USA.Shortly after I met him he said he was going to England to get away for a vacation. We talked daily either on yahoo messenger or via phone. After a few weeks he said he was going to Nigeria on business. after he arrived this is when the scamming started.He started asking for small amounts re $600 to pay his hotel so he could home to me and marry me.He stated the ITM machines and banks would not take his cards. Next it was he got sick then got beat up they stole his wallet,then after the 3rd attempt to fly home got in a car accident on airport road Benin Abua airport road. They found my pic and email in his pocket .He was alive but unconcious. Asking for more money for hospital bills. After already sending almost $7000. I firmly said no to the emails from the hospitals.He very clever convinced me He truly loved me Professed to be a good Christian man quoting scriptures.
email He had me send money to western union using other names Chris OJO and Imeje Christopher as he said that because he lost his ID to robbers.He claimed to be very wealthy even showing me his bank account statement on line.He called me once so far saying he woke up from coma asking for money I declined strongly havent heard from him since
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Victor Bill Donald

2008-09-21, 15:21:24   (updated: 2008-09-21, 15:24:55)
anonymous from Canada  

2008-09-21, 17:08:57
anonymous from United States  
This picture is posted on many scamming sites. Run like the wind from this guy. He is NOT who he claims to be. He is a scammer.
2008-09-24, 04:54:38   (updated: 2008-09-24, 04:57:16)

This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer victoria atinga

2008-09-28, 18:20:26
do not forget the scammers are men the photos are of people who have no idea they are being used in scams
2008-10-06, 18:17:59
anonymous from United Kingdom  
I have seen many of these scum on asian forget you wont finder in the last few weeks .
LOTS of nigerians ...keep poping up ...sending ,me winks I would like to be able to bring back through a time portal a unit of the Waffen ss to deal with these scum offence to any1 but the scammers as i have jewish history and romany gypsie in my family...but it angers me so much that these people exist...i have seen pictures of these wictches on this site and they are infesteing aff...which is 1 big scam..yer i wasted my money..on this...and the worst of all is tf2u....I get postcards and emails daily..but remermber they dont like it up um....remember bad boyz walk with bullet proof vests...
respect to the syndicate...LONDON ALL CITY CREW....AND ALL FREEDOM FIGHTERS..WORLD WIDE...I know my pic is out there ...duping some gurl dem...but I dont care im hot details are well known ...but my cash is safe as im from the street...and only use pay as u throw...l8r...keep posting...they will give birth 2 stillborn..they dont like this 1...RESPECT...
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