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Most of this site's traffic comes from.. Ukraine?


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Today (12/30/2006) I reviewed this site's traffic. In general, traffic has increased, due to the popularity of the dating scammer section. I noticed that the number of visitors grew steadily but the transfered data volume had gone up big time.

The following is a statistic for the month of December 2006, as produced by awstats. This tool tries to filter out robot visits by google or yahoo's spiders etc. All visits are supposedly 'human' visits.

You can see the number one most active visitor is I used web site which said that this visitor is from New York (and belongs to Google, Inc.).
I suspect that this is some software. You can see that this visitor requested 5481 pages, and the total number of hits was also 5481.
Now, a regular visitor would request maybe 100 pages, and each page has on average 5 graphics, which would lead to 5 * 100 = 500 hits.
If a user loads 5481 pages and also only 5481 documents, then this means that the user did not load the images, and also did not load style sheets or javascript include files. In other words, this is not a human visitor.
For example if you look the last visitor in that table (IP number 64.233.*.*) then you see 533 pages were loaded, 4490 hits generated. Apparantly the average page had 4490/533 - 1 = 8 images.

Now the interesting part is that IP numbers 2 and 3 in this statistic both are resolved to come from the Ukraine! The ISP is NETCATHOSTING. I wonder why they hit my web server so heavily. You can see that the transferred data volume is huge - nearly 1.7 GB from and combined.

I will have an eye on these 2 IP numbers and possibly block them from viewing this site. Obviously this is not a human viewer, since the number of hits is identical to the number of pages requested.


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2009-01-26, 05:36:59  
i am attching pic who is asking money coz she is in hospital .........
2009-01-26, 17:58:45 from Evansville, United States  
There are only african woman in Ghana and most of the ladies are all black not white or Asian. The only way there are any other race there is because they are going to school there and that is very unlikely. So NO there is no asian woman in Ghana!

Morris Sons M.D..
2009-01-27, 16:34:05
anonymous from Brazil

2009-01-27, 17:03:20 from Evansville, United States  
My spaceflight email has now been changed too:, so if there are any correspondance please send there. Thanks!

Morris Sons M.D..
2009-01-27, 18:24:22
anonymous from United States  
I have No sympothy for you dumb numbnuts ! In most cases you are dealing with men / women / hoodlums who appeal to your desire to get something easy ! A fool and his money are soon parted ! If you haven't learned that lesson by now , you deserve what you get ! Do you have any redeeming character traits ? USN/RET
2009-01-29, 23:01:26
anonymous from United States  

2009-01-29, 23:02:20
anonymous from United States  

2009-01-29, 23:03:07
anonymous from United States  

2009-01-29, 23:03:56
anonymous from United States  

2009-01-29, 23:19:31
anonymous from United States  
Anyone know this girl? scams in Accra Ghana states her dad is John Bredzimah and has travel agent ninary williams. She goes by linda Bredzimah. Have talked on ph with all three and their ph # are in Accura.She is very skilled in love and wanting money for flight to you. Dad and Williams follow up with pressure to send money. Nefer send any copies of documents you,passport with pic. She states this is her in pics she sent but I feel this girl in pics is not aware of scamTravel agent uses e-mail,which is used by a known scammer in Accra.They I think are new to this scamming as dad doesn't tell same info as linda her e-mail is you fool with these folks you will get burned good .they are good at what they do..I did not give any money but got alot of info out of them.I do have addresses phone # ect which I will share if anyone wants to help track these people and gives me any information they may know...No one way streets.
contact tx
2009-01-30, 21:56:15
anonymous from United States  
I have forund this girl on Odessa she is going by Genelove now or Gene,states she is 37yoa and is of Sudan origin and is currently in Stockholm. States she looking for love and marrige. Using the same pictures as above.She is most likely still in accra Ghana.Please send any info you may have regarding her!!
2009-01-31, 08:15:20
anonymous from United States  
YES ! - And there some out here that know you . By the way you communicate, by the way you play into others less fortunate . And your victoms are complicate too . by being equally weak in redeeming character traits . You must be so proud ! The easy money often catches up to you . Our Prisons are full and welcoming . (free board and gormet meals). Congratulations ! You are one step closer . USN/RET
2009-02-08, 19:32:00
anonymous from United States  
Any body seen or heard from this one? She's going by the name of Juliet Owen using email address Thanks

2009-02-08, 19:37:49
[hidden] from United States  
I'm involved with a potential scammer, if it's to good to be true it probably is, right?
she hyptnotized me with her words told me what i wanted to hear, she even got my phone#, and calls me all the time, from ghana, she swore she was real not like the other women from ghana just out to make money. She only want's my love, a ring, 100$ to fix her pc, 350$ for her passport, 870$ for her visa, and god knows how much for the plane ticket, thanks to this site a friend led me to she only got the ring and the450$
but now it's started, you want to believe people but facts are facts I have no way to know who's behind the keyboard!
Has anyone been scammed using this pic??
This image was also posted here:
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2009-02-08, 19:43:05
anonymous from United States  

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