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Open source search tools: ht://dig and swish-e

DelphiFAQ currently uses swish-e for searching documents. The presentation of the results is home-made.
I had used swish-e several years ago, and switched then to ht://dig. ht://dig is a great tool, but I could not get it to work on my new web host's environment. (I had to move from OLM to bluehost because of OLM's intolerable outages in 2005 and early 2006.)
For a while I ran the search function on the (frequently inavailable) old box -hosted by OLM- until I put in the time to migrate it completely to BlueHost, now implementing swish-e again.


The crawler runs currently not on a fixed schedule. Instead I manually start the crawl process. I am still looking into optimizing the recrawl process. I start the crawler about every 2 or 3 days. This means that if you run a search on a string that appears in a very recent comment, then this string may not be found yet.

You are welcome to leave feedback on the search function here.

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2008-04-24, 22:08:23
anonymous from United States  
these girls from ghana accra are all scammers. they do anything to get money and even try to get your email adress and password to your account. this one is real pretty so watch out for her. im to embarraced to say what she took me for.
2008-04-25, 16:07:54
anonymous from Canada  
Works good if picture information is exactly the same, but a little reformatting fools the search.Tested it with what seemed to be same pictures from different e-mail scammers.How to fix that!?! I don't know, but some scammers are obviously keeping ahead of the game...Nonetheless helpfull tool...Thanks.

2008-04-26, 21:52:12
OJAS from United States  
She needs to practice yoga http://www.delphifa..?p=1#86017
2008-04-27, 08:51:03
anonymous from United States  
hello'i would like to know if one women who she is from accra ghana i wonder if she is a scammer or not her name is elizabeth sasu from accra ghana would you please nottify me if she is a scammer on not i have seen one person on here with the same full name who is also from accra ghana so i am not sure if is the same one or not'so please if you have a photos as the name elizabeth sasu will you show them to me so this way i will know if is the same women or not
2008-05-08, 17:09:06
anonymous from New Zealand  

2008-05-09, 05:11:14
anonymous from Sweden  
I would like to say , Thanks, for this great 'pict search' =)
2008-05-09, 13:08:51
anonymous from Latvia  
2008-05-12, 19:23:22
anonymous from United States  
It appears that Svetlana Degterewa uses her Internet-cafe chat room a lot. Here is a recent letter sent on Mon 5/12/08 6:18 PM from Svetlana (

Hello My Lovely Man And My Sun <Name Removed>!!!!!!!!
My love of me warm your letters when I receive them. What you affairs
today <Name Removed>t? How your mood? You well slept?
I last night have decided to go on park. I went along the street all
over again, have then come in park and sat on a bench. In our park it
is a lot of bushes, it is a lot of trees, lanterns now stand and there
it is bright. I thought of that as it would be fine to go together
with you in park. It is a lot of boys and girls which else study at
university or parents with children went on park. But I noticed only
young pairs. They went together, held hands together, embraced,
kissed, laughed. You would be would be desirable me that with me now
and I could embrace you or sit to you on knees and kiss you gently and
passionately. I want to be with you <Name Removed>. I want to feel yours warm,
your breath, I would want that we groaned with happiness and love.
<Name Removed> you are not present with me and to me is sad without you. I
believe only in one that there will come day happy for us and we with
you shall be in embraces of one another, all we shall make together
and we shall make so our life would be full of happiness and love. I
want to be with you my love. I want to enjoy our happiness and love
and I would want that we for ever were together.
It is my full information which you asked:

Svetlana Degterewa
H 7 A 3

I send you the kisses, the most gentle that you could feel my
tenderness and that your heart would be warmed, that your ideas would
be about me and you have written to me the big and gentle letter.
I LOVE YOU <Name Removed>!!!!
Yours and only your gentle and sweet Svetlana

2008-05-17, 16:27:28
OJAS from United States  
Anon US check the pages and support that thread http://www.delphifa..l#comments
2008-05-27, 15:55:15
anonymous from Sweden  
2008-05-28, 15:44:53
anonymous from Sweden  

2008-05-28, 23:04:41
[hidden] from Essexville, United States  
I want to know if this man supposedly Charles SCott is a scammer he has been emailing me and IM me for months now tells me he loves me but is stuck in a city called Ikega in Lagos. Needs money to come back to the states to be with me. Has asked for money several times and other things he needed. I became a widow last year in July so get very lonely and fell fo r this guy hook line and sinker. i need to find out who he really is and anything else i can find out about him. If anyone has seen this photo before please tell me who he is. How do i do this picture search on here to find out if his picture is on this site for scammers?

2008-05-31, 03:20:58
anonymous from United States  
Yes I was scammed by a man claiming to be James Martin Lucas email change the email 234 and some times without a number. His phone is 011233249839822. Uses the address in Ghana Flat 546 Ring Road, Accro Ghana 23321. And in Oklahoma 4515Southeast28th St Oklahoma City, OK 73115. It all started I was on date site American Singles and Christian Cafe. And I kept gettin hits from scammer that you knew right off the bat. Not like I haven't heard about it going on. Well then a guy pops up from a place in Oklahoma I use to live so my gard went down. And he didn't rush righ into money. So looking at these pictures I figure they hit me until on just said the right thing. Now we have been talking a year and I finally found a site with his name on it. Because I was just looking in Ghana and what I was thinking from reading all this is they go from Nigeria to Ghana because I found similar stories with this man from Nigeria then fround this Fred connection in this Thomas Meads of Ghana. After talking for a while phone and messenger. He said he was leaving for Ghana he had just Finish up with his mom who passed things there was going to keep the house and come back And in Ghana a closed down hotel that his dad had a Ghana national was tring to lay claim to it and he had to take of that and getting that property sold. They the problem after 2 weeks of being there asking for money for this and that just excuse after excuse and we still have been talking almost a year and he is still there. So I finally found this site and his name and put to rest any dought i had. Some names of people he had mentioned Ken Elliot, Essien James, Fred. The name of the hotel was uwana. And once he could leave because he got sick and the hospital was John Akka Hospital. Said he had a sister Elizabeth and a son Douglas. So glad I found his and here and similar Oklahoma story so I can put this behind me but hope to help others with this story if anyone with similar story want to write me my email addys is Seems to be Part of this Thomas Mends group in Ghana and Fred Williams from nigeria I've also heard the name Method. Hope to hear from someone that knows this guy too
This image was also posted here:
Dating scammer Danniella Adu from Ghana
Dating scammer Frederick (Fred) Adams Morris

2008-06-06, 18:51:11
how are she

2008-06-07, 08:55:37
Natalya aus Kazan

Dein Brief mir wurde klar du du willst mir helfen du f├╝rchtest,

das Geld aber dich zu verlieren du f├╝rchtest nicht, mich zu verlieren,

ich verstehe es nur als auch keinesfalls nach anderem, ich bitte dich um vieles ich nicht ich bitte nur,

mir 500 euro zu geben,

und ├╝briger ich werde selbst machen und ich werde das Geld auf die Fahrt zu dir erg├Ąnzen.

Ich bedeute ich werde aus daf├╝r wer dich leiden betrog im Internet aber ich will nicht dass du mich wirfst und ich sagte mir der Hilfe nur ab ich will das Gl├╝ck mit dir wie ein beliebiges M├Ądchen und ich habe keine Absichten, dich zu betr├╝gen und, dein Geld :) zu stehlen.

Dirk mag ich dich ich ohne dich sehr ich kann nicht leben

Mir ist deine Liebe ohne sie ich einfach dem Lager n├Âtig ist einsam :)!

Mir ist ohne dich sehr traurig und ich wollte und k├╝ssen meine Liebe xxxx schneller umarmen :).

Ich werde deinen Brief warten eben hoffe du du wirst die sachgem├Ą├če Entscheidung deine Natalya ├╝bernehmen!!!!

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