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How can I make autocomplete work in my form?


We have a web form and not all of the fields link with the autocomplete function properly - some fields are not offering the values that users put in using other forms on other sites. Do we have to use special field names for our input fields?


Using predefined field names would be a solution, or you can provide a mapping. That way you do not have to change your javascript and/or CGI code that you built around the form's input fields' names.

Explanation: Internet Explorer encrypts the autocomplete entries/values and stores them on the user's machine using vCard. vCard specifies certain properties about a user, for example their name, address, telephone number, e-mail address etc.
Any of these standard vCard values can be made available for a particular input field, even if it does not have the same name, as in your case.

The syntax for the mapping is shown at the bottom. Here is a list of the defined vCard properties:

vCard Name What it means
vCard.FirstName First Name
vCard.LastName Last Name
vCard.MiddleName Middle Name
vCard.DisplayName Displayed Name
vCard.Gender Gender
vCard.Email E-mail address
vCard.Home.StreetAddress Personal Address : Street Address
vCard.Home.City Personal Address : City
vCard.Home.State Personal Address : State
vCard.Home.Country Personal Address : Country
vCard.Home.Zipcode Personal Address : Zip Code
vCard.Home.Phone Personal Address : Phone Number
vCard.Home.Fax Personal Address : Fax Number
vCard.Cellular Cellphone Number
vCard.Pager Pager Number
vCard.Homepage Personal Homepage URL
vCard.JobTitle Job Title
vCard.Department Department
vCard.Office Office
vCard.Company Company Name
vCard.Business.StreetAddress Business/Company Address : Street Address
vCard.Business.City Business/Company Address : City
vCard.Business.State Business/Company Address : State
vCard.Business.Country Business/Company Address : Country
vCard.Business.Zipcode Business/Company Address : Zip Code
vCard.Business.Phone Business/Company Address : Phone Number
vCard.Business.Fax Business/Company Address : Fax Number
vCard.Business.URL Business/Company Website - URL
vCard.Notes Notes

 First Name:
 <input type="text" name="nam1" vcard_name="vCard.FirstName">
 Last Name:
 <input type="text" name="nam2"
 <input type="text" name="user_email" vcard_name="vCard.Email">
 <input type="text" name="Ctry" vcard_name="vCard.Home.Country">

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